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Internet Marketing Digital And Boston SEO Expert Bill Lentis Is Offering Digital Marketing Services

Boston-based Bill Lentis Media is offering PPC advertising services to potential customers all over the nation. The company shares numerous PPC advertising tips, tricks, and best practices on its blog.

In one blog post, the company stresses the importance of PPC advertising. They say that the role of PPC comes into play because SEO traffic is a slow, long term strategy. PPC can be utilized by companies for the generation of traffic and ultimately profit for the business. The key factors needed for a successful PPC campaign are then discussed. The first is the selection of proper keywords which is similar to SEO campaigns. The next is running an effective ad copy that must be original and must specify the strengths and the features of the business. The third is tracking sales which give the business an idea of how effective its PPC campaign has been. Fourth a good landing page is absolutely essential without which the advertisement won’t even show up. Finally, the last factor is the settings of the campaign. There are different options when it comes to the targeting of customers and viewership of the advertisement that needs to be controlled for maximum return on investment.

In another blog post, the company guides beginners to attracting customers to their website in a single day. The blog post says that the first thing to do is to think about who the website’s ideal customer is. This can involve delving deep into the composition of their average age, sex, interests, and problems in the area the website’s product or service is dealing with. The second step is running Google Adword campaigns with well thought out and targeted advertising options. The landing page must be of the highest quality should contain all the relevant keywords and information. This can involve using Google Keyword Planner tools to come up with a list of the most searched for keywords in the desired field.

In another blog post by Bill Lentis Media, the company lists 10 essential ways to improve PPC landing pages. First, there should be a strong link between the PPC ad and the landing page. The blog says to direct consumers to targeted pages. Second, there should be a clearly defined goal for the landing page so as to not confuse the customer. Third, there should be a catchy primary headline that is memorable and helps creates a strong correlation to the brand. Fourth, there should be a strong call to action to convert the visitor into a paying customer. Fifth, there should be design, and user experience must be top-notch so as to not turn away the user. Sixth, all Call To Action buttons or forms should be mobile-friendly. Seventh, the landing page should load fast. Eighth, there should be consistency in the message and the quality of content. Ninth, one should use relevant images only. Finally, the user should not be overwhelmed with information.

In another blog post, the company talks about tips to improve an existing PPC campaign. The first tip is to have measurable goals for the PPC campaigns since it’s only then the business will have the ability to know whether or not it has accomplished its goals. The second tip is to identify the rate of conversion before attempting to increase it. Finally, since PPC is always evolving and changing, the business should frequently use A/B testing so as to test the ad groups, keywords, and bids.

Bill Lentis Media claims to have provided a 5-star digital marketing service for many big/small-named industries over 20 years such as Terminix, Roto-Rooter, Angie's List, Wayfair, and many others. They claim to be confident in their performance for their customers. They have month-to-month contracts that allow their customers to see an ROI sooner than expected. The latest announcements from the company can be followed on the Bill Lentis Press Releases. The company can be reached at its email address at or its phone number at (617) 855-0747. The company’s main office is located at 33 Broad St #800, Boston, MA, 02109.


For more information about Boston SEO - Bill Lentis Media, contact the company here:

Boston SEO - Bill Lentis Media
Bill Lentis
33 Broad St #800
Boston MA 02109


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