Washington, D.C.

                                   FORM U-6B-2

                           Certificate of Notification

                                    Filed by

                              ALABAMA POWER COMPANY
                                 (the "Company")

         This certificate is notice that the above named company has issued,
renewed or guaranteed the security or securities described herein which issue,
renewal or guaranty was exempted from the provisions of Section 6(a) of the Act
and was neither the subject of a declaration or application on Form U-1 nor
included within the exemption provided by Rule U-48.

Item 1.  Type of security or securities.

         Series V 5.60% Senior Notes due March 15, 2033 (the "Notes")

Item 2.  Issue, renewal or guaranty.


Item 3.  Principal amount of each security.


Item 4.  Rate of interest per annum of each security.


Item 5.  Date of issue, renewal or guaranty of each security.

         March 14, 2003

Item 6.  If renewal of security, give date of original issue.

         Not Applicable

                                      - 2 -

Item 7.  Date of maturity of each security.

         March 15, 2033

Item 8.  Name of person to whom each security was issued, renewed or guaranteed.

         The Company issued and sold the Notes to Morgan Stanley & Co.
         Incorporated, Wachovia Securities, Inc., ABI Capital Management LLC,
         ABN AMRO Incorporated, BNY Capital Markets, Inc. and Synovus
         Securities, Inc., as the Underwriters, pursuant to an Underwriting
         Agreement dated March 12, 2003.

Item 9.  Collateral given with each security, if any.


Item 10. Consideration received for each security.

         $198,162,000 (99.081% of the principal amount)

Item 11. Application of proceeds of each security.

         The proceeds from the sale of the Notes will be applied by the
         Company to redeem all Series C 7% Senior Notes due March 31,
         2048 currently outstanding in the aggregate principal amount
         of $190,000,000 at a redemption price of 100% of the principal
         amount thereof plus accrued interest and for other general
         corporate purposes.

Item 12. Indicate by a check after the applicable statement below
         whether the issue, renewal or guaranty of each security was
         exempt from the provisions of Section 6(a) because of:

         a. the provisions contained in the first sentence of Section

         b. the provisions contained in the fourth sentence of Section

         c. the provisions contained in any rule of the Commission
            other than Rule U-48_X_

Item 13. Not Applicable.

Item 14. Not Applicable.

                                      - 3 -

Item 15. If the security or securities are exempt from the
         provisions of Section 6(a) because of any rule of the
         Commission other than Rule U-48, designate the rule under
         which exemption is claimed.

         Rule 52

Date: March 17, 2003                                ALABAMA POWER COMPANY

                                               By: /s/Wayne Boston
                                                     Wayne Boston
                                                Assistant Secretary