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The installation process of hydraulic auto-climbing formwork

Assemble the tripod: place two pieces about 500mm*2400mm boards on the horizontal floor according to the bracket spacing, and place the tripod buckle on the board. The two axes of the tripod need to be absolutely parallel. The axis spacing is the center distance of the first two adjacent sets of anchor parts.

Install the platform beam and platform plate of the tripod part: the platform is required to be flat and firm, and it is necessary to open or avoid the position in conflict with the parts to ensure the use of the bracket.

Install the hanging seat: use the force bolt to connect the pedestal with the anchor part and install the load-bearing pin.

Lifting the tripod as a whole: lifting the assembled tripod as a whole, hanging on the load-bearing pin smoothly, and inserting the safety pin.

Install the retrusive device: connect the retrusive cross beam to the main platform beam, and then connect the main waler and the diagonal brace with the retrusive cross beam.

Install formwork: the formwork is connected with the main waler by using waling-to-bracket holder, and the back waler regulator can adjust the levelness of the formwork, and the diagonal brace can adjust the verticality of the formwork.

Install the anchor parts: assemble the anchor parts system in advance, and connect the anchor parts to the pre-open hole of the formwork with the install bolts. The accuracy of the position of the anchor parts can be achieved by adjusting the formwork.

Install the upper bracket of the truss: the four wooden beams are laid on the ground first, and then the two upper bracket vertical rods are placed perpendicular to the direction of the wood beam, and the spacing of the vertical rods is designed according to the construction drawings and is absolutely parallel. The vertical rods are connected and fixed through a reinforced steel pipe, then adjusting screw rod and two outer vertical rods are installed. Finally, platform beam, platform plate and maintenance system are installed. The whole upper bracket is lifted and connected with the main platform beam.

Install Platforminstall hydraulic platform, suspended platform, platform beam, platform plate and maintenance system.

Install the guide rail: penetrate the guide rail and wait for the climb.

When the concrete reaches the design strength, pull out the pull rod and move backward the formwork. The formwork can be moved back 600-700 mm. Install attached wall board, force bolt and pedestal device, lift guideway, guideway is lifted in place, recover attached wall brace and climbing bracket. After climbing in place, clean the formwork, brush the release agent, install the anchor parts, close the formwork, install the pull rod, and pour the concrete. Next layer of steel bar can be tied up during concrete maintenance.

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