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Ramakko’s Source for Adventure Shares Sustainable Camping Tips for the Eco-Friendly Camper

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A Northern Ontario camping store wants to make sure you get outdoors this summer while minimizing your environmental footprint. Ramakko’s Source for Adventure in Sudbury, Ontario has been providing campers with anecdotal advice and tips for decades. Over the past few years, camping has grown in popularity as a hobby, as more people turn to the outdoors to create lasting memories with loved ones.

“Camping gear can be entirely reusable,” says Ramakko’s employee. “Almost every piece of camp gear we sell can be re-used for a lifetime of camping trips.”

“We have seen a lot of new campers over the past few years come into the store who want to start camping and hiking,” says Ramakko’s employee, “but are concerned about the environmental impacts it might have.”

Ramakko’s Source for Adventure has a few tips for the eco-friendly camper looking to get outdoors sustainably in 2022.

  1. Avoid single-use plastics. Bringing bottled water may seem convenient for your trip, but can take up to 1000 years to decompose. “We are lucky that our parks in Ontario have access to clean drinking water, so bringing a reusable water bottle on camping instead of buying a case of water ends up being way less of a hassle,” says Ramakko’s, “The same could be said for utensils, plates and cups, they may seem like the cheapest and easiest option but it ends up being bulky, more costly and ends up producing more waste in the long run.”
  2. Take only photos, leave only footprints. “Many campers often like to collect trinkets on their travels, like sticks, rocks or feathers,” says Ramakko’s, “but it is very invasive and harmful to take away from the environment. You could be taking an animal’s destination marker or transporting a harmful parasite or bug without even knowing it. It’s better to leave things as they are”
  3. Bring multiple waste bags with you. “Some camp grounds even have recycling and composting options, so it’s better to bring a couple different types of waste bags so you can sort through your camp waste and dispose of it properly,” says Ramakko’s. Bringing one or two garbage bags, a clear recycling bag, and even a few compostable bags are a good idea. Always make sure to check out local waste laws before heading out on an overnight camping trip out of town.
  4. Use biodegradable soaps. “When washing dishes or yourself, always make sure the soap says biodegradable on the label” says Ramakko’s. Never use soap directly in a lake or another body of water. Always wash items in a tub or bucket. To dispose of waste water, look for a spot around 200 feet from the shore line. Dig a hole at least six inches deep and pour the waste water in the hole, then bury it. Many camp grounds have their own waste water disposal system, so check in before heading out.

Other Important Camping Tips:

Experts at Ramakko’s also suggest buying a spacious tent that is bigger than the number of people using it. It means that if two people are going to use the tent, get a size bigger than a 2-people tent so that you have enough space to keep your gear and sleep comfortably. Also, look for a water-proof 3-season tent that works well for unfavorable weather. Make sure you practice pitching the tent, as well as keeping a sleeping bag and sleeping pads. Besides these things, you will need a headlamp, fire igniter, compass, fishing or kayaking gear, first aid kit, toiletries, utensils, coffee, snacks, camp chairs, comfortable shoes, weather-appropriate clothes, bug repellent, and other camping essentials. Make sure you plan meals and keep all cooking equipment and supplies.

About Ramakko’s Source for Adventure:

With a lack of innovation in Sudbury’s fishing community, Brian Ramakko sought out to open a store that offered Sudbury the fishing worlds latest and greatest gadgets and gear. That was 1984. Fast forward to today, where Ramakko’s is now a 20,000 square foot outdoor specialty and safety supply store. We no longer only cater to the fishermen, we have experts suited to outfit you for any adventure. Whether you’re hiking the La Cloche Trails or climbing Kilimanjaro, our experts can suit you up no matter where in the world your adventure takes you. We pride ourselves on not only having the knowhow to set you up for your pursuit but having the gear that can hold up to any expedition you take it on.

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