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Pay Attention To These Things Before Using The Grain Cleaning Machine

Grain screening machine is a necessary mechanical equipment in modern agricultural production, and it is often used for screening, grading and impurity removal of wheat, corn and various seeds. Next, there are several matters that should be paid attention to before using the grain screening machine.

1. Place the machine in a horizontal position and install electrical protection devices.

2. Check whether the transmission part is loose or falling off, especially the vibration motor.

3. Check whether the screws are tightened, and the screen body should be basically balanced with the tires on the ground.

4. Check whether there are foreign objects in the main fan and suction fan.

5. Check the running direction of the fan.

The grain cleaning machine of the compound concentrator can replace the screen according to the size of the grains, which is suitable for corn, soybean, wheat, rice, sunflower seeds and other miscellaneous grains.

No dust is generated during grain cleaning, which greatly changes the working environment of the machine. The product is equipped with a centrifugal fan, a dust collector, and a closed-air discharger. It is easy to move, and the cleaning degree can reach more than 90%. The cleaning capacity is: 10 tons/hour.

Seed Cleaner and Grader

The technological requirements of grain processing must be realized with the help of corresponding equipment. In recent years, through the development of single machines to complete sets of equipment and the digestion and absorption of imported equipment, grain processing equipment has met the requirements of processing technology to a certain extent. In order to further improve the development level and make the mechanical performance of the equipment meet the design requirements, and meet the needs of on-site processing and equipment debugging, while considering the structure and technology of the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the testing of the mechanical parameters and performance of the equipment to meet the increasing processing Process requirements.

Maintenance of the grain selection machine:

1. The parking place of the selection machine should be flat and solid, and the parking location should be considered convenient for dust removal.

2. Before operation, check whether the connecting screws of each part are tight, whether the transmission parts rotate flexibly, whether there are abnormal sounds, and whether the tension of the transmission tape is appropriate.

3. When changing varieties during the operation, the remaining seed particles in the machine should be cleaned up, and the machine should continue to run for 5-10 minutes. At the same time, switch the front and rear air volume adjustment handles several times to eliminate the remaining deposits in the front, middle, and rear chambers. Species and impurities.

4. If restricted by conditions and must work outdoors, the machine should be parked in a sheltered place and placed downwind to reduce the influence of wind on the selection effect. When the wind speed is greater than level3, the installation of wind barriers should be considered.

5. Lubrication points should be refueled before each operation, cleaned and inspected after completion, and faults should be eliminated in time.

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