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Habo International, The particularly popular blockchain hash game, is launched globally

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The Global Blockchain market has been changed from bulls to bears and the popularity of many projects has declined.But the GameFi Project have remained popular all the time.In recent days, After several rounds of public testing,a phenomenal product DAPP has attracted great attention after it is officially launched, sweeping through all communities, being named the hottest Blockchain Hash game in 2022.

Habo International aims to build the most fair, just, open and interesting Blockchain game on the web with a unique decentralized mode for Web 3.0. The developers cannot modify the transaction rules while the code running on chain to ensure the safety of players’ funds.

Most centralized web games are usually controlled by servers owned by platforms themselves.The game data is easy to be tampered, and the information is non-transparent. User capital suffering loss make the fairness of games to be questioned. The hash value is a message of any length compressed into a certain length function to ensure the security of data transmission from tampering, and every message is recorded in an encrypted form. The historical data of Habo International can be queried and verified on the chain, which fundamentally solves the trust problem of traditional games, guarantees the security and fairness of users.To check the Hash value to see if players win the rewards and the rewards are released automatically by smart contract.

The core team of Habo International is composed of senior players and blockchain engineers in the field of encryption. The team has experience in developing a variety of phenomenal blockchain platform games,incorporating more meta-universe elements and immersive experiences in Haber International to make the game more interesting.The platform Allows players to experience interesting games while also creating revenue.

Meanwhile,Habo International analyzes and optimizes and improves the platform based on the big data of user behaviour of the large number of players on the platform, so as to develop more attractive games.

Five advantages of Habo International:

1. A variety of gameplay to choose.

Single-player or group games is all available,and teamwork can increase the chances of victory. The gameplay is diverse,with the option to choose different game scenarios and use different cryptocurrencies.In a word, everything is user-centred and follows the user-first principle.

2. Fair and open.

Habo International achieves complete decentralization. All platform-related funds and decisions are on the chain. All elements are built by the blockchain. The process is absolutely transparent and Every step of the game can be queried on the chain. It is open and transparent, and no one can forge or tamper with data. The game results are random, following statistics and probability, without any manual control, only random winners.

3. Anonymous participation

No registration, no verification,100% to protect user privacy and security,and all information is anonymously uploaded to the chain. Players participate in the game through the decentralized wallet, allowing them to have more initiative in the game, increasing the level of interaction in the game and bringing a new dimension to the entire ecosystem of games and related industries.

4. Asset security.

The operating fund of the platform is open to the public and the transaction records are accessed anytime.Rewards are released automatically through smart contracts and the data on the chain cannot be forged or tampered with. Withdrawing is directly packaged and transferred on the chain without any restrictions.

5. High Profits

300% income, and players can also win more rewards through game rankings and competition rankings.

Recently, Habo International has also launched a newcomer activity in order to launch the global market, giving a rewards of 38USDT to users who have completed a deposit of 100TRX for the first time. Wait and see how Habo International will develop in the future.Come and start your blockchain journey at Habo International.

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