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Front Line All Temps Provides Specialized Services in the Auto Industry and Warehouse Sector – Interview with the co-founder Mr. Nino Mihilli

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The automotive sector includes a diverse group of businesses engaged in the development, production, promotion, and sale of motor vehicles. The automotive sector contributes around 3% of the global GDP, and it is the main engine for macroeconomic growth in both established and developing economies. It also propels the technological development of other related industries. Front Line All Tempsis a specialized Staffing Company focused only on the Auto Industry and Warehouse Sector. Here’s how the co-founder Nino Mihilli of Front Line All Temps shared his thoughts about the company and how things go on.


  • What are the major services that your company focuses on?

In both sectors we provide three tiers of labor: unskilled, semiskilled and skilled.  When needing service in the auto industry we provide labor from many ranges such as: sale drivers, check in, lot, detail, CR Writers, PSI, and even paint/body work to general mechanics. In the warehouse industry those roles vary from: loaders, shippers, packers, pallet builders, and certified forklift drivers.  We are not limited just to those roles; in both industries we also provide staff that require prior skill and experience depending on the clients need.

  • What are the specialties you have compared to the other competitors in the industry?

We are specialized in the Auto and Warehouse Industry while most of the other competitors do general labor services. We do have a full Criminal Background check, DMV Report, and 7-Panel FDA Certified Drug Tested while others have an Extremely Lenient Hiring Process. Our company is Fully Uniformed with Picture ID, go through a diligent interview process that is Pre-Screening candidates on Professionalism, Attitude, and Passion. Other agencies do not focus on those things they focus more on Quantity versus Quality. We have an average of over 93% + Attendance rate while other companies’ average is around 75%. We Pay Biweekly which helps guarantee committed team members and less turnover while other companies pay daily which means people work one day and do not come back with High Turnover. The high turnover causes more stress on the client’s staff on constantly training new people every day. 

  • What are the important steps you do when hiring employees and why your working environment is so special?

We do some tests including Test Drive our Team Members before Hiring them, we have grasped the recruiting and hiring process and continue to perfect it to make sure we are finding the right passionate Team Members to send to our partners. We are capable of providing as many as 60 plus team members at once to as little as one depending on your need. Numerous Team Members have received full-time offers from our current partners within 90 days of being part of the team.  

If I talk about the working environment at FLAT, we are always committed to creating a positive work environment that is not often seen in most staffing agencies. Our company culture always encourages people to stay positive. We organize events like team builders and family events. We have a ton of merchandise that our team all wears, hats, vests, gloves, name tags, etc. When FLAT team members show up at a job site, we stand out in a positive way. From appearance and work ethic, we qualify on those bases.  Our new team members understand that we are a premium staffing company, we pay more than others, and we expect more from our staff as well.

What are the advantages of staffing firms for both employers and employees?

Flexibility and the ability to move about are crucial for employees. The auto and warehouse industries are our main areas of interest. New team members can join us and test out different roles to determine what suits their preferences and comfort level. Team members frequently express how much they appreciate not feeling forced into a particular role or set of responsibilities. When we send someone out to work, we follow up with them to see if they think this job is a good fit for them. Because we have so many openings, we can let team members try out several positions before deciding where they would like to work.

For our partners, using us allows them to focus on their industry. Rather it be selling cars, or logistics.  They can let us handle the stress and need of hiring and gives them the flexibility to focus on their core business. 

Can you please tell us about the company and how it started?

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s not about what you know, but who you know”. That is how Front Line All Temps was created. 

Tom McDermott the Owner and General Manager of Metro Auto Auction walked into his barn in early 2018 and noticed an issue. He saw his rates going up for his staffing companies but did not see a change in quality. He had a vision of a premium staffing company, a fully uniformed temp, thorough hiring process, and higher quality employees specialized only in the Auto Industry.

Tom shared his vision with four other people, each allowing them to take his vision and run with it. One of those four people was Veno Kassab, owner of SKS Transport, a long term Vendor of Metro Auto Auction and a good friend of Toms as well.

After getting out of the meeting with Tom, and hearing his vision, Veno called his cousin Nino Mihilli. He explained the meeting with Tom, and what he wanted, and the need he identified and passed the ball over to Nino.

Now comes with what you know. Nino Mihilli did not know anything about a Staffing Company, but he knows business and opportunity and immediately went to work on creating Front Line Auto Temps full internal and external process. FLAT was incorporated in April of 2018.

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