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Volt Grooming Introduces a Fully-Customizable Instant Beard Color To The Men’s Grooming Market

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Safe Customizable Beard Dye For Men

Gray beards are an inevitable part of aging, but no longer an unmanageable one. Men have used beard dyes to color their beards for the better part of 3 decades, but there have always been a few problems with beard and hair dyes, mainly, the complete lack of customizability. Some men want to apply beard color when and wherever they want without the lengthy, and often damaging, process that beard dyes require. Luckily, Volt Instant Beard Color uses an innovative application process that separates it from typical beard dyes out there.

Here is the process for applying a typical beard dye on the market: Wear gloves, mix pastes, brush the paste into the beard, wait 5-10 minutes, wash the pastes out and see if the color is satisfactory. Obviously, there’s not much room for error here, especially with the permanence of most hair dyes. Combine this permanence with the fact that most dyes use harsh chemicals, and that you can’t view the results until after you wash the paste out, and we begin to see the problem many men face in the beard coloring market. In fact, according to US News Health, 1 in 20 men are severely allergic to chemicals that are common in hair dyes like ammonia and PPD.

Volt Instant Beard Color, however, contains none of these chemicals or issues because of a difference in the application process. Whereas most dyes penetrate the hair follicle and stain the hair itself, Volt beard color can be described more accurately as a “beard tint” of sorts. The Volt solution coats the exterior of the hair and colors it without the permanence of stains or the harsh chemicals. And because the color coats the hair instead of stains it, it’s completely customizable and removable at will.

Anyone after a salt and pepper look can simply brush on the Volt color lightly so the existing gray hair shows through naturally. For a full-coverage look, brush on more beard color and completely coat the hair. It’s that simple, and the Volt beard color will appear more naturally blended than most dyes which are often said to give an unnaturally uniform “shoe-polish” look. Volt can even be used safely on bare skin, allowing users to fill in patchy areas where no hair may be.

Volt can accomplish these things because it is applied with a brush. Also, because Volt doesn’t require time to penetrate and stain the hair, you can view the results of the color the moment you brush it on. Jaro, Volt’s founder, says “Volt’s mission is simple, to provide lifeproof grooming products that simplify men’s lives and can be used anytime and anywhere.” Overall, Volt’s team is excited to continue providing new and innovative solutions to the men’s grooming market. More information can be found on

About Volt Lifeproof Grooming

Volt Lifeproof Grooming is a men’s lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring and celebrating male confidence while maintaining eco-friendly processes and premium all natural ingredients.

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