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Soie Apparel unveils its Satin-lined hoodies and beanies especially created for hair care

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Soie Apparel is a minority-owned clothing brand that takes inclusive apparel to the next level, bringing a wide array of Satin-lined products, from hoodies to beanies.

Soie Apparel, a leading Satin-lined apparel, is out to revolutionize the industry by merging the functionality of hair care with streetwear style. 

“Satin products are a crucial part of any healthy hair care regimen. They can feed the curls to keep the strands healthy and provide moisture to the roots. That’s where Soie Apparel comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement.

Soie Apparel, which is a Minority-owned clothing brand, brings a collection of high-quality clothing lined with Silk, created for hair care. The brand seeks a constant balance of functionality and luxury streetwear molded into accessible pieces.

Soie Apparel currently offers hoodies, beanies, and a snapback, as the brand looks to expand its market anchored on its bid to balance functionality and luxury streetwear. 

While traditional hoodies and hats are made with materials that are not kind to natural hair, satin is a market game-changer since it naturally keeps moisture, letting the hair stay moisturized and protected. This leads to more robust and healthier hair.

Compared to cotton, satin is also a much smoother and silkier material. Consumers have raised issues with traditional hoodies made with cotton, citing a lot of friction that renders frizz and breakage. On the other hand, due to the silky nature of satin, there is much less friction which helps minimize breakage and frizz.

“In addition, satin is also simply less disruptive. When consumers cover their hair with satin, the fabric serves as a barrier against moisture-absorbing fabrics such as cotton. This stops split ends caused by hair drying out,” the representative explained. 

Olivia Y., a verified customer, wrote in a review: “Silk actually tamed my hair with the hoodie on. It’s highly recommended!”

Jadon S., another verified customer, wrote: “Fits, comfortable, and great material.” 

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Soie Apparel believes that “luxury is in the details.” Designing every piece with each person’s comfort in mind, Soie Apparel aims to be a part of everyday wear. It takes pride in the quality and the need to perfect the designs to ensure that consumers won’t be able to leave their homes without Soie. 

“It is difficult to maintain the benefits of a “Du-rag,” “Bonnet,” or a “Silk Head-Wrap” while maintaining the “style.” Normal apparel does not take that into account. So we combined both,” the representative adds.

Soie Apparel is also on track to expand its products to Satin-lined bucket hats, silk bandanas, silk bonnets, silk durags, and silk bedding. 

Those who want to check out Soie Apparel’s complete list of Satin products may visit the website to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Soie Apparel may head to its social channels for more information.

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