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SIEBERT opens the road of international development, spreading love and hope to the world

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In 2022, SIEBERT expands its Business to the international market and recruits a large number of online members around the world with the concept of giving love and opportunities to the society and the world, providing a real and safe platform for all those in need.

SIEBERT has innovated its retail technology and launched an online tax refund platform with fast process and the simple operation, officially opening international services, which enables users to make profits by using their mobile phones to operate for 1-5 minutes and take the lead.

The world is always facing serious challenges in this age of crises.

Since 2019, the COVID-19 has ravaged around the world with horror death toll and destroyed anything and still not ended yet, deadly impacting on economic globalization.

Russia and Ukraine, as important suppliers of global energy, industrial raw materials and agricultural products and an important transportation channel connecting the Eurasian continent, are all important participants in major global Economy. The economic sanctions caused by The Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022 bring a bigger turmoil to the unstable global industrial chain and supply chain.

Global economic recession: normal international trade and production are severely affected, increasing the downward pressure on the global economy and even causing economic recession.

Impact on the entire management of global industry chain and supply chain: The delayed start of work, the production stoppage and production limit caused by the epidemic prevention and war increase the risk of global supply chain management in the Internet of global manufacturing and transaction.

Countless people have lost their jobs and gone bankrupt and families have been destroyed under crises and pressures

Under this severe background, SIEBERT has continuously launched high-quality services suitable for people’s livelihood and sent warmth to the public.

What is SIEBERT?

Online members get designated products, and the platform matches offline employees to get tax-refunded products at designated stores such as in77, providing certificates for online tax-refund. Then the products will be sold in a centralized manner and transferred to the market for secondary sales with the handling fee (1.55%) and divided into three parties by the Intime Tax refund platform (3.45% including the circulation cost), the Online members (from 2%), and the purchasing agent (3%). Online members make money while providing exposure and sales to offline brick-and-mortar stores.

SIEBERT Roadmap.

In 2011, SIEBERT launched Smart Business to gather insights on international shopper behavio and launched eTRS, an electronic tax refund system developed on behalf of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore in the same year, cementing its world-leading position in digital duty-free shopping. Over the past few years, SIEBERT has continued to grow rapidly, launching duty-free shopping in several new countries including Japan and Uruguay in 2012, the Bahamas in 2015 and China in 2016.

In 2016, SIEBERT strengthened its expertise in the payment industry with the acquisition of a well-known dynamic currency conversion specialist, which enables SIEBERT to strengthen its dynamic currency conversion business in Asia Pacific and add new value-added payment solutions to its acquirer portfolio, including gateways, tokenization solutions and financial processing.

In 2017, SIEBERT achieved more landmark innovations to the industry that will significantly improve travelers’ duty-free shopping journey, which includes partnerships with international payment platforms such as Alipay and WeChat, providing real-time support and Mobile Customer Service (MCC) that guides them through the tax-free process and instant tax refunds to digital wallets.

In 2021, SIEBERT achieved a major breakthrough in retail technology with the launch of two fast-growing new businesses: an e-commerce returns service and a digital receipt provider.

In the future, SIEBERT will continue to expand its territory and projects,  sparing no effort to serve and contribute to the world.

In this special times of epidemic and war, SIEBERT is still making progress. It is an opportunity for ordinary people in the beginning of a new market and the new model of an era. When the opportunity comes, we must grasp it and spread hope infinitely around the world.

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