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REVA and UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD | Summer NFT auction in 2022 was held as scheduled

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UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD, the traditional auction house giant, founded in London in 1886 with a history of nearly 150 years, ranks among the top ten auction houses and one of the oldest art auction houses in the world.

With the prosperity of the NFT market in the past two years, UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD has deployed the NFT field early and quickly seized the market opportunity, announcing the acquisition of the NFT company REVA for US$50 million and becoming the pioneer and leader in the field of NFT pledge and auction.

REVA, the world’s first platform for NFT pledge and auction, has celebrated its first offline auction event in the summer of 2022 with a VIP invitation-only auction. The two-day themed NFT auctions of “Summertime Blues” and “Night and Stars” were held as scheduled from August 5th to August 6th (GMT+1).

The senior auctioneers of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD provide professional, high-quality and safe auction transaction guarantee for REVA’s digital art collection and auction business.

During the auction, 96 NFT lots were sold with a total turnover of 223 million pounds and a total turnover rate of 76.61%. Besides, there were 3 NFT lots sold for over 10 million pounds and witnessed the new auction records of many artists.

Throughout the two-day auction event, it was originally thought that the Auction may not run smoothly due to the volatile global economic environment. However, a number of collectors from Asia and the Americas actively participated in the bidding, making REVA summer NFT auction in 2022 a stable Closing.

There are 52 lots in the “Summertime Blues” theme NFT auction of REVA UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD, showing the world the intriguing blues in the hot summertime. The integration of high and low saturation, the intense color collision, along with infinite emotional reverie brought by the unique artistic approach, showing the profound culture and infinite creativity contained in every artist’s creation, and the taste in the selection of digital art collections of NFT holders.

The highlight lot is the elegant scenery in the Summer Waltz NFT series presented at the same room, which started at 10 million pounds, quickly exceeded 16 million pounds, and finally fell to the phone buyer for 17.5 million pounds with commission, leading the auction and becoming one of the three NFT lots that sold for over 10 million pounds.

There are 41 lots in the “Night and Stars” theme NFT auction of REVA UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD. Among them, “Stars and Seas”, created by Fleury Sanovic, an emerging British artist who has risen rapidly in the past two years, started at 140,000 pounds, attracting fierce competition from many buyers, and soon exceeded 1 million pounds. After 22 bids, it finally fell at 1.9 million pounds to the No. 32 phone buyer and sold for 2.334 million pounds including commission, setting the second highest price for the artist’s personal NFT project with 11.6 times the low estimate, becoming one of the dark horse in this field.

In the special auction session, three NFT special lots were unveiled, shocking the audience, including NFT pledges by NFT holders to the REVA platform brought by REVA, and the popular NFT avatar project Non-Fungible Tokens Bored Ape. Bored Ape, a well-received NFT avatar project, was sold for one million pounds in the special session.

NFT holders entrust Reva to auction their collections to achieve rapid realization, and obtain value-added profit dividends and low-cost compensation generated by the auction.

As the platform, REVA provides customers with secure and accurate valuation services, simple and efficient matching, which not only increases the liquidity of NFT collections, but also is expected to be combined with more items in the real world, allowing NFT to truly act as a bridge between physical world and the blockchain world.

The Summer NFT auction in 2022 between REVA and UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONL TD was successfully held, allowing more players to witness REVA’s strength and business capabilities, and keep expecting to the next REVA NFT auction.

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