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Tabor Discusses the Human Brain and Desires

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Tabor Discusses the Human Brain and Desires

Tabor is a book that offers insight on concepts ranging from psychological development, mental illnesses, love and friendship.

Feelings of jealousy, envy, anger, and hatred are all natural. But how individuals let these emotions impact them is what makes a difference. D.B GaNung discusses the human brain and desires in the new edition of his book—Tabor.

After a trip to Thailand, Paris, Prague, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, North Korea, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Samoa, Australia, Philippines, Japan, Alaska, most of Central plus the Caribbean, and Latin America, and meditating upon these various cultures DB GaNung has come up with some useful insights. He realized that everyone’s perspective is different and there are different truths. Everyone has their version of the truth and how they view the world.

Traveling around the world has given DB GaNung the opportunity to explore love, friendships, and mental wellbeing in depth. He believes that stress and anxiety are a natural part of life. Where there’s darkness, there’s light. The two cannot exist without each other.

“Traveling and being by myself gave me the insight I needed to understand the human psyche a little bit better. I figured out soon enough that there’s more than one type of truth. Everyone has their own version of what the ‘truth’ is and there is no right or wrong. Different people in the supernatural, while others believe in religion, or science,” commented DB GaNung, talking about what he learned during his travels.

In the book, he discusses how different people are different; how culture, religion, and beliefs play a significant role in developing a person’s perspective, and how these things shape their personality.

DB GaNung firmly believes that one has to face the darkness in order to find the light. Only in struggle does one rise above all and takes control of their life.

The book will soon be available on his official website and is currently available on Amazon.

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