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Morley Capital Announces Upgrade of Investment of Web3.0,the next generation Internet in the Second Half of 2022

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Morley Capital, Founded in 1982, announces Investment strategy upgrade in Web3.0. So far, Morley Capital has focused almost exclusively on managing capital preservation assets for our institutional clients.

In 2007, Morley Capital Management (Morley) became an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Principal Financial Group (Principal). Morley is part of Principal Global Investors,® a global asset management leader with over $507 billion in assets as of June 30, 2022. Morley Capital’s parent company’s support allows the Morley team to focus time and expertise on what matters most – managing client assets, striving to deliver consistent investment results and serving your overall investment needs. The affiliation with Principal® affords Morley the power and security of a premier global asset management organization. As of June 30, 2022, Morley Capital manages over $22 billion in assets.

Morley Capital has 40 years of experience running the fund, and there’ve been looking at the Web3.0 circuit, and we’ve been investing in some of the most promising companies early on.

Morley Capital of Web3.0  narrative.

The Open sea NFTS as part of the Web3.0 art collection made us feel very innovative and commercially valuable, and it turned out to be a very good return for Morley Capital, because Morley Capital had a very rich investment experience, and Morley Capital had own understanding of Web3.0, Today to share with you some of our understanding of Web3.0, first of all, this is a new wave of the Internet, it will be a revolution, all the Web3.0 newborns must be a dragon slayer against the stale industry.

Traditional Web2.0 companies have entered a corrupt and obsolete business model due to the long path, such as the complex verification process of KYC and other registered authentication, and the intricate interest chain, just like a sentence to kill a dragon and become a bad dragon.

Of course, this is not to criticize Web2.0 because it is the inevitable product of The Times. We can only say that users in the current era have already had great opinions on Web2.0, so the newborns of Web3.0 emerge at the historic moment, and they will pay more attention to user experience and the interests of users. Web2.0 environment created Web3.0 dragon slayer.

Web 3.0 may not be completely decentralized.

“The world that we live in is actually very much centralized, meaning that there are natural elements, natural things that are decentralized; but society, the structure of a country, regulation, they are all centralized. So, it’s always a mix and match, it’s always yin and yang. And we’re going back and forth.

For example, gold is decentralized, but when companies that offer gold for sale or investment step in, they centralize it — whether it’s the issuance of gold coins or it’s the offering of gold securities and ETFs.

Central Asian currencies started off as decentralized when digital currencies appeared. But when exchanges offer custodial storage, when exchanges offer trading, it turns out to be a centralized solution, if you will. But of course, there will be a continuation of more decentralized solutions, including decentralized exchanges, for example.

But at the same time, there has to be some centralized nature to things just because some people want professionals to come in and do things right, even investment vehicles. So, it’s going to be a mix and match. We don’t think the world will completely go decentralized.”

Web3.0 is the future.

We’ve seen the success of crypto exchanges, which in a very short period of time has turned the concept of finance upside down, which is the trend of Web3.0, Morley Capital is going to start a new business to bet on the next generation of the Internet, and while we have expressed our view that Web3.0 will not be completely decentralized, But we still believe that Web3.0 is the next big thing to bet on

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