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XM Exchange, a new generation of diversified global digital asset trading platform, will soon be officially launched globally

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After three years of preparation, XM Exchange, the new generation of diversified global digital asset trading platform will be officially launched on September 1, launching an aggregated ecological service integrating spot, contract, OTC, asset management, and global node partners to provide the ultimate user experience for XM Exchange users. During the launch period, XM Exchange will also run activities such as the global airdrop plan, global node plan, and fee-free trading, so that every user who supports XM Exchange can enjoy the dividends brought by the platform.

The core team of XM Exchange consists of senior blockchain R&D engineers, professors from universities, Wall Street elites, venture capital institutions and early participants of Ethereum. With leading technology and years of experience in the cryptocurrency and financial industry, XM Exchange aims to build a most reliable crypto trading platform for investors and professional traders around the world.

Adhering to the service concept of safety, professionalism, caring and extreme, XM Exchange focuses on diversified needs, continuously optimizing iterative upgrades. Covering contract trading, spot trading, asset management, OTC and other diversified trading sections, XM Exchange provides the ultimate service from multiple dimensions such as platform security and liquidity user experience to ensure a leading position in the new round of exchange competition.

As for the section of transaction, XM Exchange brings together more than 1,000 trading pairs of the world’s mainstream cryptocurrencies, and investors can find their favorite tokens on XM Exchange. In addition, XM Exchange has set up a strict listing review mechanism by using the Smart analysis model to judge the token of its basic information, project popularity, team background, community, etc., to ensure the listing of high-quality assets, forming a situation where good money drives out bad money and investors will encounter high-quality crypto assets on XM Exchange.

As for platform security, XM Exchange has created strict standards in terms of security and is fully committed to safeguarding the security of investors’ funds and information. XM Exchange establishes a scientific security risk control system from multiple perspectives, including user accounts, software, hardware and login environment security identification, and innovates secure technology such as database encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification and control, wallet multi-signature, and separation of hot and cold wallets, while the servers of the exchange system are arranged in a distributed hierarchy with over 600G bandwidth to resist DDOS attacks. Tested by the top security team in the industry, it is almost impeccable in terms of security, escorting the asset security of exchange users.

As for user experience, XM Exchange has created an internationalized, intuitive and simple user interface to adapt to the user habits of most countries. In terms of liquidity, XM Exchange gathers the top liquidity and depth of global digital asset exchanges to achieve the smallest spreads on mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, reaching the highest level in the industry. With millisecond response times and zero lag in trading, users can be one step ahead of the competition, ultimately providing traders with the ultimate trading experience.

After three years of preparation, XM Exchange has accumulated over 1 million seed users from around the world and has built over 500 localized communities in 30 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Malaysia. Through localized operation and 7*24H online customer service response system, XM Exchange has achieved a good reputation in the markets of many countries and regions around the world.

XM Exchange will also run a global airdrop plan and node partners plan to reward seed users for their 3-year support. Following the trend of the Web3.0, all loyal users of XM exchange will enjoy the airdrop service of XM Exchange’s future listing tokens, and enjoy the dividend rights of XM Exchange and the dividends of the times. Everyone is a shareholder of XM Exchange, and the value of the platform and the realization of personal value are tightly bound together to achieve two-way travel.

In the future, XM Exchange will integrate Web3, the digital economy infrastructure and the Metaverse ecology, continuously improving the internationalization, specialization, compliance, cutting-edge, and cross-border service standards of XM Exchange, serving hundreds of millions of encrypted users worldwide, and creating a world first-class crypto asset trading platform.

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