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Plant Culture Systems Brings GrowStream to All Americans

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This AgTech company is the official and sole distributor of Terra Aquatica Growing Products in the country.

May 9, 2023 - Today, as part of its sustainability goals to bring the healthiest, most affordable, delicious produce to Americans, Plant Culture Systems brings GrowStream technology to America. As America’s sole distributor of award-winning TerraAquatica Growing Products, Plant Culture Systems now offers one of the most efficient and flexible plant-growing systems in the market today for home gardeners and farming consumers. Aside from lettuce and herbs, GrowStream is a flexible system that can also grow larger plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, melons, and squash. Plant Culture has partnered with TerraAquatica , a France-based company that gained international recognition for its hydroponic farm that supplied produce for many Michelin-starred restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1990s, to bring innovative aeroponics based solutions to American customers.

Sustainability is one of the key ecological goals of companies and individuals for the health of our planet. Science and technology are at the forefront of this initiative, providing much-needed knowledge and assistance to create new sustainable and achievable farming practices both for producing and accessing healthy food. Plant Culture offers a solution for easily accessible, higher quality food, with fewer resources, benefitting both growers and consumers: less water, no pesticides, reduced real estate. The GrowStream offers the advantages of this cutting edge science and technology, aeroponics, with a system that distributes oxygenated water within the rootzone and allows crops to maximize mitosis due to abundant macro and micro nutrient conditions. This means you get the benefits of aeroponics without the usual issues, like water heating, and extreme susceptibility to pH fluctuations. Most important for our customers, GrowStream is easy to set up and maintain, and runs on a single water pump. Plant Culture now enables any American to be able to farm for themselves sustainably, aeroponically, with up to 99% less water and 2X growth times compared to soil!

“We’re excited to share this latest offering with our customers. The GrowStream is user friendly and I can’t wait for our customers, my friends and family to enjoy the beautiful fresh food they can grow themselves. The advanced aeroponic GrowStream technology grows crops up to twice as growing in soil! Moving forward, Plant Culture Systems is pushing hard for both consumers and farmers to explore and advance aeroponics, hydroponics, robotics and AI to further improve products and yields. Plant Culture has an opportunity to change the way this country eats and raise up everyone in the process, both in terms of enabling people to grow their own food, have access to the highest quality fresh food at low cost, and helping our earth in the process.”- Sanjay Kumar Rajpoot, CEO, Plant Culture Systems

Plant Culture Systems is dedicated to helping agricultural companies make products sustainable, growing food with 99% less water using aeroponics and hydroponics serving microgreens, leafy greens, herbs, and tomatoes for supermarkets and fine dining restaurants across Orange County and PCH: Long Beach to Dana Point. Partnering with TerraAquatica is also an opportunity for Plant Culture Systems to help more hobbyists and professionals become more sustainable by producing crops twice as fast as soil growth with 99 percent less water all year round using GrowStream. While Plant Culture Systems is successful in using aeroponics, nutrient-film technique, deep-water culture, and ebb and flow hydroponics in their farms, the AgTech company guarantees that adding the legendary aeroponic plant and gardening growing performance of the GrowStream and TerraAquatica products will allow farms to flourish and achieve their highest production throughout the year.

Among the TerraAquatica products available at Plant Culture Systems are the GrowStream V2 Aeroponic System and the DryPart Grow and Bloom nutrients. Plant Culture Systems also offers Ebb & Grow, CultiMate Aero, HydroCloner Spinner, and sustainable produce. Plant Culture Systems also offers an experimental Artificial Intelligence powered growing assistant to advise growing Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Eggplant, Pepper, and Herbs in hydroponics that is available for anyone to ask for growing help on its website.

About Plant Culture Systems

Plant Culture Systems has over 70 combined years of knowledge in agricultural technology, and is on a mission to create the largest decentralized sustainable plant factory network in America to deliver the best, most sustainable, affordable, and healthy produce to consumers everywhere. We grow produce, or help our customers grow it, both hydroponically and in soil, doubling the growing window. Whether you’re a family who gardens, a community growing your own food, a large scale agricultural farmer, or a consumer of fresh produce, our products are the future of food, today. Plant Culture Systems is helping to save the planet and provide nutritional food one head of leafy greens at a time.

Plant Culture Systems is an agricultural technology company that has been supporting hydroponics companies and controlled environment agriculture countries for over 36 years. It has helped create the most powerful water-saving and yield-maximizing artificial intelligence in California, serving many of the world’s largest farmers. It was involved in making supercars with more than 1,300 horsepower, and has solved every kind of farming and handiwork problems throughout its operating years.

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