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Lanshan District, Linyi City: A Must-Visit Water Tourism City

Currently, in Lanshan District, Linyi City, you can take a boat ride on the Su River at night and watch actors in ancient costumes gracefully dance on the water’s surface, performing historical stories from ancient China. The mesmerizing light and sound effects created by over 3,000 beams of light add a dreamlike and breathtaking atmosphere. During this visual feast that lasts for nearly an hour, visitors can immerse themselves in a journey through time, experiencing the profound heritage of Dongyi culture and Langya culture.

Linyi is a renowned historical and cultural city in Shandong. The discovery of the military treatises “The Art of War” and “Sun Bin’s Art of War” here has shocked the world, making them as famous as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin. Philosophers Xunzi and Zengzi, strategist Zhuge Liang, calligrapher Wang Xizhi, renowned calligrapher Yan Zhenqing, and abacus inventor Liu Hong were all born and lived here. Thirteen out of the 72 disciples of Confucius came from Linyi. These individuals were important figures who influenced Chinese history. The Calligraphy Square, Wang Xizhi’s former residence, and the Han Tomb Bamboo Slip Museum provide abundant tourism resources in this area.

In addition to its rich cultural heritage, the abundant water resources in Linyi provide a platform for cultural and tourism projects. The central urban area of Linyi, which is Lanshan District, is surrounded by eight rivers and connected by six rivers. The Yi River, Beng River, Liuqing River, and Su River converge in the city, forming vast expanses of water. The central islands in the Yi River, the unique design of the bridge spanning the river, and the 326-meter TV tower standing by the river create a unique urban landscape in Linyi.

At night, hundreds of thousands of lights on the Yi River flicker and change in the densely packed buildings on both sides, instantly transforming into “shining light balls.” The interplay of light and shadow dances with the music, and the lights reflect on the river, creating a dazzling spectacle. The continuous rows of tents and campsites on both sides of the Yi River are enough to prove that the “Dianliang Yi River” light show has become a popular “internet-famous” attraction for tourists.

“In the performance, we designed Wang Xizhi, the Master of Calligraphy, to travel through time and experience the millennium changes of the city while boating on the Yi River. Through a dialogue that transcends time and space, we bring the recorded history of Linyi and the spirit of Yimeng to life, creating a vivid and brilliant future for this ancient city.” explained Qu Guojun, the chief director of the Shuiyun Langya · Dianliang Yi River project. (Zhang Li)

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