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What Is Unidot Finance Revolution (UT)?

By: Issuewire

Unidot Avatars, Where Can I Buy UT?, What makes Unidot special?, How is Unidot Profitable?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mar 4, 2022 ( - What Is Unidot Revolution (UT)?

In-game items are a big part of any videogame and allow gamers to own digital assets. However, in-game items are centralized, not easily exchangeable, and challenging to implement. Unidot is a smart contract platform that allows game developers to mint, distribute and transact Smart NFTs representing in-game items. Smart NFTs are NFTs with dynamic properties that can change based on certain conditions. Smart NFTs are the next step to making decentralized in-game items mainstream and offer a massive range of potential opportunities that are not possible with traditional NFTs. We want to create an easy-to-use interface and API for creating Smart NFTs, an open marketplace for transacting NFTs using the Unidot token, and we want to introduce truly random smart loot boxes to the blockchain.

Unidot is creating:

  • A marketplace for buying, selling, and sending NFTs
  • A user interface for creating smart NFTs
  • Loot boxes that drop NFTs and a way to create loot boxes
  • APIs and SDKs for video game integration

Unidot Avatars

Unidot is a deflationary real utility token that uses an ultra-realistic 3D technology to generate 3D avatars and virtual objects for use across social media, games, fashion, art, and medicine. Launch soon, Unidot hopes to take cryptocurrency adoption to the next level by catalyzing our evolution into a parallel digital universe. Unidot promotes the idea of met scanningthe realistic scanning and transformation of real-life objects into useful avatars within the metaverse. The revolutionary idea will crystallize Unidot as a bridge between reality and the digital world. Unidot's technology connects artists, entrepreneurs, and gamers in unique ways. One way is through its native token, UT, which employs real business use cases that span across social media, and art. Moreover, Unidot spearheads a revolutionary metascanning technology fit with some of the best graphic rendering capabilities in history.

Where Can I Buy UT?

  • " Koin Bazaar
  • "Coinsbit"

UT token is available at both the exchanges,

What makes Unidot special?

Imagine being able to build entire nations within the metaverse! Because you have control over how the economics of your community work, you can create micro-nations and form several sub-DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). Since everything is tokenized, every player has ownership over the asset they possess. This creates a truly individualistic experience where every player feels special.


What Is the Metaverse?

While it is quite hard to define it, we will give a working definition. A metaverse is simply a wide expanse of digital space where users can interact with each other in real-time and get similar experiences to what they experience in the real world, and in most cases even more. This definition of the metaverse highlights a crucial point - the fact that it is a wide expanse of a digital realm that can be said to be continuing the realm of the "real world". The only reason why we put the real world in double quotes is that it is conceptually hard to distinguish between what the metaverse is and what the "non-metaverse" is. This is where its core features come in.

 Definition: What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the upcoming third generation of the internet where websites and apps will be able to process information in a smart human-like way through technologies like machine learning (ML), Big Data, decentralized ledger technology (DLT), etc. Web 3.0 was originally called the Semantic Web by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and was aimed at being a more autonomous, intelligent, and open internet.



How is Unidot Profitable?

With 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, most of whom are now cryptocurrency users, Unidot will appeal directly to its target sector multiplying its earning potential. Another crucial market for Unidot is social media, which now has over 4 billion users. Unidot will generate fees from its metascanners, with the cost of scanning decreasing as adoption grows. 3D NFT generation fees and marketplace transaction fees will also function as a source of revenue for the project. The biggest potential revenue will be from partnerships which could see big players like Tencent, and Nintendo. The 3D metascanning technology has also been tested and verified for widespread adoption.



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