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Hash365, the particularly popular Blockchain Hash guessing game in 2022, is launched globally

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Recently, Hash365 is launched globally.

In this summer, the global blockchain market has been renewed continuously by many transitory games. But the guessing games have remained popular all the time. In recent days, a phenomenal product DAPP has attracted great attention before it is officially launched, sweeping through all communities, being named the hottest Hash guessing game on blockchain in 2022.

Hash365, the trump card for blockchain

Hash365 ( is LuckyDAO’s first Hash guessing game which aims to be the fairest gamefi on the web with a unique decentralized mode for Web 3.0.

LuckyDAO, as a gamefi ecological infrastructure service provider, has more than 300 good games like Hash365, and relying upon LuckyChain, the technical underlying system, it provides developers with technical, financial, product service and web-traffic support. It is the example in the blockchain industry.

Why are guessing games on blockchain so popular?

Seeking entertainment and adventure is the nature of human beings. Guessing games are always the most popular one among all kinds of games.

But as we all known, most centralized web games are usually controlled by servers owned by platforms themselves. The game data is easy to be tampered, and the information is non-transparent. Frequent manipulations and user capital suffering loss make the fairness of games to be questioned. The emergence of the blockchain technology fundamentally solves the trust problem existing in traditional games. To check the Hash value to see if players win the rewards. rewards are released automatically by smart contract, which highly guarantees the absolute fairness of the games.

Hash365 Gameplay

With simple gameplay, Hash365 gives players fair and interesting game experience at anytime anywhere.

01 Click to download a decentralized wallet, like Assure, TokenPocket, Trust wallet, Bitpie, imToken, etc.

02 Choose token and games you like. Game types are as follows:

1) Gameplay 1.

If the single digit of the transfer amount and the last number of the block hash are both small or big, it means the players win the game and gain 198% times income. 

2) Gameplay 2.

If the single digit of the transfer amount and the last number of the block hash value  are both odd or even, it means the players win the game and gain 198% times income.

3) Gameplay 3.

After the transfer, if the last two digits of the block hash are “number + letter” or “letter + number”,  it means the players win the game and gain 198% times income.

03 Specified amount. Only allows 10-20,000 USDT.

04 To check the Hash value to see if players gain the rewards. If so, rewards will be released automatically by smart contract.

Hash365 advantages

Guessing by Hash is absolute fair

Different from some guessing games which upload part of games on chain, Hash365 is completely decentralized and all parts of it are built on blockchain. The process is absolutely transparent and available for users to discern and verify. It means pure statistics.

Completely anonymous

No registration, no verification,no deposit or withdrawal, 100% to protect user privacy.

Asset security

The operating fund of the platform is open to the public and the transaction records are accessed anytime. Rewards are released automatically through smart contracts and the data on chain is unbreakable, unforgeable and immutable. There is no need to worry about financial security

High Profits

198% income, and players can also earn more income through game rankings.

Wait and see how Hash365 will develop in the future.

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