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The World’s First Multi-dimensional DEO Cloud World Builds an Extreme Deflation Model

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Recently, Cloud World created an Extreme Deflation Model

Recently, as NFT and Web 3.0 gets popular, Metaverse, Socialfi and future self-governing community DAO increasingly innovate it’s market model, destruction mechanism and extreme deflation model,  initiated by Cloud World, get a new round of concern with a gradually rising heat.

Runa Capital, the representative of super node of Cloud World in North America, who has participated in many major projects in North America, Southeast Asia and Indonesia, shows great confidence on Cloud World. Through his interview, we see courage and strength backing up Cloud World’s breakthroughs and advancements in adversity.

Rising in Adversity, Impacting the Industry in Fission

In 2022, cryptocurrency industry depressed. The prosperous cryptocurrencies market has suddenly become cool since May 2022. Previous prospective imaginations have been break up one after another. Even giants in the industry face the miseries of declines and liquidations in succession. We are “lucky” to witness explosive events like LUNA’s collapse, Celsius surprise,  Three Arrows Capital liquidation within this short month. Cloud World enter the industry at this adverse moment. Cloud World is focused in a new round for it’s simple but striking deflation model, whose entrance impact the flourishing cryptocurrency industry. The head of super node project indicated in a related interview, “ Cloud World’s cryptocurrency is like a train, repurchase destruction and lock positions fission are two rails which support the platform to go to the distant with the idea of extreme deflation. ”

Initiate Decentralization Ecological Organization DEO, Break Difficulty of Online Flows

Since 2017, money encirclement and failed exchanges are numerous due to the down market, high online flows acquiring costs and relatively low conversion rates of users. While, Cloud World keeps a high development momentum, which is attributed by Runa Capital to increased users and asset side innovations. Cloud World attracts users with a set of community systems, products and tools targeting down-market.

Cloud World has a healthy deflation system: community node lock positions and fission, communities consensus enter virtuous circles, which lead to more consensus and lock positions. As a natural advantage of Cloud World, community node fission change passive marketing into initiative promotions with extremely high sticky users who explore and serve other users in communities. So we acquire more and more users and even partners of our platform, thus the whole fission and online flow acquiring circulation become more efficient. Cloud World adheres to the value of democracy, openness, inclusiveness and learning. We return to the essence of crypto. According to decentralization structure, we delegate the right to decision-making, earnings and administrations to all participants of DAO in a fairer and more reasonable way. The daily governance, incubation, community development of Cloud World are all finished by decentralization intelligent network members. We really build a brand new cloud world with free and equal communities. We initiate crypto-equity model to make every member join in our project and hold our stocks. Good projects will become mainstream sooner or later, we just wait the formation of consensus. Cloud World will lead the innovation of the industry in online flow and models innovation and asset mining constantly.

Perform Well in Prolong battles, Industrial Interest Expected

Appropriate business models underlie rapid developments of companies. In digital era, the decisions should be judged by data, in terms of which Cloud World scores high. Cloud World aims to repurchase and destruct to only 1 million rest with 5 million issued. How long can we do it? On one hand, it depends on the development of our platform. Our platform gets better and better, more and more deals will be made. We destruct CW for lock positions in every mining. 96% of CW are used for mining, they are destructed in the processes. The extreme destruction deflation model decentralize cryptocurrencies and enhance consensus, will increase in value and form a platform in the long run with stability and sustainability. The platforms won’t stop competitions as we live in a upward spiral industry in shocks. It’s our ambition to become a first-rate platform, and Cloud World is not far from the ambition any more with braving the wind and waves and making steady progresses.

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