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Life After Death, a Pure Heart of Gold – Learn the Value of Your Life and Think Growth and Riches By Crisanto Walli

Are you someone who is always looking to better your life, or better yourself in general? Do youfeel a true connection to God and the universe around you, and are curious on how you cancontinue to grow that bond? Crisanto Walli, the author of Life After Death, a Pure Heart of Gold– Learn the Value of Your Life and Think Growth and Riches, saw the importance of writing abook that shared a story with life lessons and ways of living that anyone can relate to, andwanted to share what he has learned throughout his life within this fictional story.

His book focuses on the story of a man who transformed into a bird, and had the amazingopportunity to travel around the world and experience different ways of living, as well as learningabout important life principles and lessons that could help him grow to be a better person.Within the story are intertwined lessons, references, and characters from the Bible that help thereader connect and see the relation between caring and loving God, while also living your bestlife.

He wanted to write a book that helped his readers feel more at peace with the life they areliving, but also get them excited for the life they will experience once they enter heaven.Crisanto also dives into the concept of reincarnation, and what needs to happen for that to besuccessful. He believes that what you do on earth makes all the difference in what happens inyour afterlife, and within his book, he gives you insight on how you can have success in both.

His book is a must read for anyone looking to gain knowledge on God, the afterlife, andspirituality in general. Crisanto gives a new approach to learning about important life principlesand caring for your body, mind, and soul. Read Crisanto Walli’s book, Life After Death a PureHeart of Gold – Learn the Value of Your Life and Think Growth and Riches and see how it canbetter your life today. A copy of his book can be purchased on Amazon at link for book - link for book -

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