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Dr. Luis Introduces “Body Contouring” to Shape a Body to Match an Aesthetic Vision

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Have someone worked hard, watched what they eat, and exercised regularly but still have pockets of stubborn fat that just won’t quit? Unfortunately, some people have additional fat deposits in their bodies that do not dissolve with diet and exercise. Although people can hide the forms with sweaters and jackets during the frigid winter months, the beautiful summer months demand them show them off. Unfortunately, there’s a disconnection between how someone wants to seem and what they see in the mirror. Even after making dietary modifications and going to the gym several times a week, someone might not be quite where he or she wants to be. Now is the time to learn more about the benefits of body contouring. People can say goodbye to stubborn fat and welcome to a shapelier form with body contouring. Continue reading to find out why someone should begin body contouring now to achieve the physique you’ve always desired by summer.


Diet and exercise, which target the general weight, are not the same as body contouring. On the other hand, body contouring focuses on fat pockets that form between the surface of the skin and muscles. These procedures enable the treatment specialists to sculpt the body shape, removing undesirable lumps and bumps and giving the smooth skin and contours as desired. Only a specialist, such as Dr. Luis Emilio Fuentes López of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, can do this procedure well. Lopez completed his general surgery training and plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship at the Casa de Portugal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Fuentes’ specialties include body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and post-bariatric surgery. He has a team of professionals with strong ethical standards and cutting-edge medical technology—lipo vaser, microair, and J plasma devices and systems—to give the most spectacular results for his patients. Furthermore, Fuentes, who uses the Instagram account @drluisfuenteslopez, is continually working to raise awareness about body shaping therapies.

A toned stomach is a widespread desire, but it’s not solely achieved through sit-ups and dieting. Many men and women struggle to lose weight around their bellies. Even with diet and exercise, a small amount of paunch may persist despite the best efforts. Even if the stomach is relatively flat, someone may have excess weight on the sides of the belly. “Love handles” are a term used to describe these areas. They’re also one of the places that appear to be more resistant to exercise and dieting than others. Love handles will vanish with the help of body contouring in no time, allowing girls and boys to put on their swimwear and enjoy some time in the sun. The good news is that there are non-invasive body sculpting techniques that can help lose weight. Because there is no bulge around the middle, people will feel more comfortable in their clothes.

One of the most significant advantages of body contouring is that there is no need to worry about healing or downtime afterward. A single treatment lasts 15 to 30 minutes and can resume daily activities immediately after leaving the clinic. People are frequently puzzled as to who needs body sculpting. Everyone who wants to sculpt their body is currently on or on their path to obtaining a healthy weight! Body contouring also addresses drooping skin, resulting from significant weight reduction. These procedures are usually the best option for patients who have had weight loss surgery and are searching for a strategy to deal with excess skin. Experts in body sculpting and plastic surgeons remove loose skin and improve the body’s appearance using a variety of muscle and skin-tightening surgical techniques.

On the other hand, fat-reduction operations aren’t just for people who have lost much weight. They could be a good option for people looking to remove a few inches from their thighs, stomach, or waist. Body contouring improves the shape of the underlying support tissue and provides more pleasing contours and a better-proportioned body by removing extra pockets of fat and loose skin. Is it true that body shaping treatments work? The type of body sculpting treatment determines the answer to this inquiry. Several human studies have shown that those body contouring procedures effectively remove fat cells and cellulite and reduce their recurrence. Your body shape and tone will improve whether you utilize cold or heat treatments, ultrasound, or radiofrequency. You’ll generally require between two and four sessions, depending on your body type and the area you want to treat.


“… Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives and health,’ and maintaining trust is one core guidance for physicians…”

Dr. Luis E. Fuentes López believes that DRP plays an important role in this treatment. Each human body, he believes, is like a beautiful painting on a canvas that can be enhanced. Therefore, it is a privilege and a source of incredible happiness for him to create the most significant version for each patient, which he accomplishes with care and respect, hoping that each patient has realistic expectations about how he wants to seem. Dr. Fuentes describes himself as a joyful guy dedicated to his work and understands the value of feeling confident in one’s skin. Customers are pleased with Dr. Fuentes’ work and aesthetic vision. He is a plastic surgeon specializing in tummy tucks, liposculpture, bbl-Brazilian butt lifts, reconstructive surgery, rhinoplasty, and face surgery. People no longer have to make do with what they have when they can achieve better. The human body is unlimited, and plastic surgery is one of the best examples. “So, if one can, why not be the most delicate version of yourself? Only you and you alone know what makes you happy. The adage “no pain, no gain” is well-known to most people. However, when it comes to fitness and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, conventional wisdom advises that to be healthy and happy, you must first be sad and suffer to achieve it.” Dr. Luis says.

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