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RHY BOX Launches Containerized Movable Mining Farm

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RHY BOX Launches Containerized Movable Mining Farm

RHY BOX launched containerized movable mining farm to reduce mining cost and gain scale cost advantage, favored by many bitcoin mining investors in the U.S. The first batch of RHY BOX was 1000 units and sold out quickly, and now the second batch has been sold again.

To appreciate the support of users, the price of RHYBOX dropped to $98,000 in return for users’ support. As the world’s highest-powered, most-available mining box, RHYBOX is selling at only $98,000.

Amid the ever-increasing difficulty of bitcoin mining, the price of bitcoin has started to fall. For the sake of higher returns, how to reduce the cost of mining has become a topic that mining investors need to explore. The answer is simple: scale production and technicalization. Launching the RHY BOX containerized movable mining farm is an excellent solution.

According to the first purchasers, with large capacity, high power, and low cost, all accessories of RHY BOX are UL certified, which can enroll in property insurance. Furthermore, the cumbersome procedures for miners to set up their own mining farms are greatly simplified due to simple installation and assembly. It is also the main reason why American miners welcome RHY BOX.

The person in charge of RHY BOX said that investors do not have to pay RHY BOX at once. RHY BOX can be provided free to mining investors as a mining investment, and the investors can choose to pay monthly.

The specification of RHY BOX is 11950cm in length, 2300cm in width, and 2980cm in height. Each containerized movable mining farm has six groups of gantries with eight layers per gantry loaded. 9 S19 bitcoin mining machines spread out in each layer per gantry. A variety of bitcoin mining machines such as Shenma and Avalon could also work in the RHY BOX. A total capability of 432 mining machines can meet all professional investors’ mining needs.

Each card position on the RHY BOX rack works with a network cable interface and power cable, separated into different card positions with corresponding numbers labeled. Miners can connect to the mining machines by corresponding numbers when getting on and off the miners. It is convenient for miners to manage the mining machine in a science-based and standardized way. If the mining machine breaks down, miners can timely investigate, improving the mining efficiency.

RHY BOX also has a cold-blast area and a hot-blast area, which are water curtain surface rain shed and fan surface rain shed. In winter, the snow will not go into the mining machine; in summer, rainwater will not soak into the machine’s interior. As a result, natural disasters do not affect the normal use of the machine or not cause economic losses.

Of course, investors can only choose one between the rain shed and the fan. At low temperatures, rain sheds can cover rainwater. Users can remove the rain sheds and install the fans when the temperature increases to achieve a cooling effect.

Although the traditional mining farm is a large-scale, stable power supply, it requires more preparations in the pre-construction period and a longer construction cycle with higher construction costs. In comparison, the container is a mini-scale and convenient and fundamentally compresses traditional mining farms’ construction cycle and cost.

With specific mobile properties, the containerized movable mining farm designed by RHY is more movable in construction and even can function indoors. When traditional mining farms face external force majeure factors, such as long-term power outages and policy restrictions, they are either shut down or abandoned. At the same time, RHY BOX can be transferred to other sites, cities, or countries.

In addition, the flexibility of the mining farm allows investors to shift to a suitable farm and start up quickly, avoiding the malicious raising of electricity prices and farm rent and enhancing the risk resistance of the mining farm.

In short, RHY BOX fundamentally solves a series of pain points such as long construction periods, troublesome procedures, high cost, difficult farm selection, and poor risk resistance of traditional mining farms. It provides a one-stop solution for bitcoin mining investors to transform from ordinary investors to professional investors, winning customers’ unanimous approval.

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