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Aharon Ariel Lavi – “Seven: Shmita Inspired Social and Economic Ideas” – the new book on Amazon is receiving ravishing reviews

We, at Contento Now, are proud to continue Aharon Ariel Lavi's publishing journey with his 2nd book: Seven.

This book is one of the first attempts of its kind to interpret the ancient idea of Shmita (the Biblical Sabbatical year) in relation to contemporary economic and social issues: sustainability, community, the job market, the debt crisis, economic cycles, and more.

The book brings traditional sources and commentary, alongside cutting-edge scientific knowledge and insights..

We are thrilled to share some of the great reviews the book has received,  by distinguished scholars in the fields of Jewish studies, economics, philosophy and more:

"In his book, the author, Aharon Ariel Lavi, seeks to identify in Shmita and Yovel, in their broad context, outlines for rethinking economic and social issues preoccupying anyone observing our contemporary reality genuinely. The method of thought presented in this book is unusual, both in religious and economic writing, and precisely because of this, it may allow a fresh insight that may assist in coming up with real solutions." - Rabbi Yehuda Altshuler, Head of the Institute for Advanced Torah Studies, Bar-Ilan University.

"Making the idea of Shmita present in the non-agricultural society in which we live is one of the magnificent challenges of our generation, both because of the vast impact of Shmita values on the reality of life in the Land of Israel and because of the Jewish meaning of realizing these principles in a changing reality. Rabbi Aharon Ariel Lavi won the privilege of providing us with a table full of goodness that discusses these topics and offers many ways to implement the foundations of Shmita in our time." - Rabbi Yuval Sherlow

"History suggests that ideas can have long shelf-lives when those ideas are connected to a community that lives and breathes them. The idea of Shmita nearly went extinct before its renewal in the State of Israel. Now is a great time to reassess the deeper economic, social and environmental layers of this idea. Aharon Ariel Lavi’s book is a serious step in that direction." - Jonathan Dekel-Chen, Professor of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

"Just like the introduction of Shabbat to the ancient world, the introduction of the Shmita is one of the greatest gifts the Jewish people can provide to the world in the 21st century. The remarkable book of Aharon Ariel sets the necessary foundation for this move." - Yossi Tsuria, hi-tech entrepreneur and CEO of “Hilma – Hi-Tech for Society.”

"The issue of Shmita has been preoccupying me, and many others, from its environmental and social aspects for many years. Therefore, I have initiated as early as 14 years ago the “Israeli Shmita” project, which manifested during the previous Shmita year, with over 150 organizations involved. For the first time in history, people in Israel did not deal solely with quarrels over the HeterMekhirah but rather discussed the fundamental issues of the seventh year. I celebrate the publication of such a significant and profound book on those aspects of the Shmita year." - Rabbi Michael Melchior

"As someone who has been involved for many years in the environmental and social discourse in Israel and sees the Shmita year as a real opportunity for discussing the vision and practice of heritage-based sustainability, I find this book to be illuminating important and fascinating aspects of this year. The book presents a broad worldview, which integrates state-of-the-art knowledge from Judaism, economics, and Western thought, and it gives an extremely clear, fascinating, and important conceptual framework. Go read it." - Einat Kramer, Founder and Director of “Hebrew Nature,” a leading Jewish environmentalism organization in Israel, and leader of the “Israeli Shmita” project.

"This is an exceptional book. Based on thorough familiarity with both halachic literature and economic theory, Aharon Ariel Lavi reveals the conceptual infrastructure underlying the various facets of Shmita and Yovel. He avoids proposing technical solutions intended to artificially reconcile the laws of Shmita with a contemporary reality that is fundamentally different from the world of the Sages. Instead, he points to the enduring relevance of the deep purposes of both Shmita and Yovel. Highly recommended!" - Prof. Moshe Koppel, professor (emeritus) of computer science at Bar-Ilan University and founder of the Kohelet Policy Forum.

"The scope of issues discussed around Shmita in this book is impressive and expands one’s mind by presenting diverse sources and worldviews that meet on its pages: Judaism, social sciences, philosophy, some exact sciences, and fine writing. The writing has aspects of direct honesty accompanied by personal experience and solid generalizations based on data and facts. This combination creates a unique book in shape and content." - Dr. Sara Shadmi, The International Center for Community Building.

All comments are welcome, as well as reading more on Amazon or Kindle - "Seven: Shmita Inspired Social and Economic Ideas" via the following link:

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