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Hamlets, the NFT Dark Horse Project, will be officially launched in September

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After one year’s gestation and preparation, a group of innovative technical elites and early investors in the field of Web3 launched hamlets, a dark horse project in the field of NFT.

It is reported that with full preparation and brewing, Hamlets will be launched in September. Now, hamlets has accumulated tens of thousands of fans waiting for it because of its unique tonality and promising future.

Hamlets is a community that focuses on ecological investment and construction of metaverse, committed to mining and incubating new brands of Web3, providing one-stop and full cycle strong empowerment for project brands, ecological brands, technology brands, product brands and personal brands based on Web3 technology and concept, including brand incubation, value mining, brand operation and promotion, marketing, investment and financing, etc.

Henry VI, founder of hamlets, introduced: “the Web3 era is an era of creation. In this era, a large number of projects based on the underlying technologies and applications of Web3 will emerge, and each project is a new brand. Under the background of infinite vitality and creativity of Web3, Hamlets will explore the high-quality projects and fully empower potential new brands while users who hold hamlets NFT will also enjoy the development dividends brought by this! Embrace the Web3 era together and become a new era player and king…”

Hamlets, building a spiritual home in the Web3 Era

As one of the founders of hamlets who have been deeply involved in the field of Web3 for many years,Henry VI introduced, Hamlets will build a great Web3.0 organization, and all holders of hamlets NFT will hold our equity certificates to create  and own a DAO by the community. What hamlets team wants to do is to create a decentralized Unicorn organization. The original story prototype of this super dream is based on Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, and the hamlets spirit with the characteristics of the Web3 era is established in this story prototype.

Hamlet,prince of Denmark has profound thinking and super ability, who has a novel and unique view and understanding of human beings and the world. In reality, Hamlet was killed by his uncle who married his mother, lost his lover in the struggle, tortured his soul in the process of revenge, and lost his life in the duel. Hamlet, who bears a bloody vengeance, struggled on the road of revenge, his soul was tortured again and again, and finally died tragically in a duel.Hamlet, burdened with national and family hatred, with unpaid ambition and revenge grief and anger, turned into a dodo and entered the metaverse, started his adventure in the metaverse Mauritius Dao.

In Mauritius DAO, he not only has to actively change his actions, cultivate his super-skills in the Web3 world and achieve his goals, but also conducts a serious spiritual exploration of the meaning of life in the new world, linking a group of people with the same aspiring and capable ,forming the Allied Hamlets, adapting to the new world of Web3, unlocking new skills in the Web3 world, judging the situation, upgrading energy, harnessing the opportunities brought by new technologies, and better achieving goals in the real world.

Henry VI introduces, “In fact, each of us is Hamlet. “Hamlet is the representative of modern high net worth people and new rich forces, and has been looking for a way to settle down and find the answer to life. When the door of Web3 opens, the new world shows us the tip of the iceberg, and infinite possibilities throw us olive branches. In this diverse and complex environment, we are all Hamlet, rebellious, lonely, dissatisfied with the status quo, and lofty ideals.

Just as we are in the current era, “the normalization of the epidemic situation, the replacement of the traditional world and the metaverse, and the instability of the international situation have made us face an unprecedented, complex and changeable environment. Just like Hamlet in the real world, we are facing a complex and great change and have many helplessness.”

Henry VI pointed out that although Hamlet was beaten by fate in the jungle world, he still stubbornly tortured his soul in his inner world, and was full of longing and the opportunities contained in the Web3 world. ”We need to constantly carry out self upgrading iterations, and we need a space that belongs to us to breathe freely.” In this process, hamlets, representing the strongest force in the new era, landed on Mauritius Island together to start a magical Web3 carnival.

In the world of hamlets, Mauritius Island is also the magical Mauritius Dao. It is not only the birthplace of the dodo, but also a place to realize distributed autonomy, symbolizing the paradise of the metaverse. We ‘alone but not alone’, log in to Mauritius Dao, and each Hamlet individual gathers into a whole to form a great Web3.0 super organization: hamlets. Here, hamlets is working together to create unlimited possibilities in the Web3 era, constantly explore new opportunities and jointly build new homes.

For this purpose,Henry VI introduced that the founding team composed of technical elites and Web3 pioneers from all over the world.They will be reborn in the Web3 world, unlock new skills, create new legends, gather new forces, and achieve a hamlets(10000 hamlets).

Hamlets,the golden key to discover the treasure of Web3

As a dark horse project in NFT field,each NFT holder of hamlets is the owner of a tonal digital identity, the owner of hamlets metaverse ecological fund voucher NFT, the beneficiary of hamlets brand matrix, the promoter and enjoyer of Web3 fashion life, and the shareholder of Hamlet as Web3 Unicorn company.

According to Henry VI, in the planning of hamlets, it will follow the way of opensea listing, value injection plus business entity operation and diversified business form coordination, so that every NFT holder in hamlets community will grow and expand with hamlets. In the layout of hamlets, there are Web3 ecological funds for capital empowerment, project incubation of new brands based on Web3 concepts and technologies, Dodo IP operation of digital copyright licensing and trading, and digital shopping malls based on the new concept of Web3 and representing the characteristics of hamlets, which fully empower every high-quality brand of Web3 and enable every NFT holder in hamlets community to fully enjoy the benefits brought by project development.

Now, Hamletslabs, which is composed of the founding team such as Henry VI, has been intensively deployed, and has cooperated with many well-known brands such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, which will greatly enter the digital copyright field and take a deeper step in the investment and financing incubation of Web3 brands. In the future, Hamlets will explore and incubate new brands based on Web3 concepts and technologies on a global scale, and increase the market value of Hamlets through global operations, publicity, and market value operations.

Facing the development of hamlets, Henry VI said that in Shakespeare’s Classics, people often say that a thousand readers make a thousand Hamlets. In the Web3 era, a thousand Hamlets compose a thousand wonderful stories.Ten thousand Hamlets converge into the rise of  Hamlets.

Driven by the blockchain, Web3 and metaverse, Hamlets will surely combine the cultural and application advantages of China and the west, explode amazing potential, and open up a new era of win-win cooperation, resource sharing, complementary advantages and innovation focused.

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