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The 2022 “Sing & Learn Chinese” Kicks Off

The 2022 “Sing & Learn Chinese” is here! The event is hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, and jointly organized by Wuzhou Chinese Education Technology Company and Taihe Music Group.

From September to December, the three components—singing, learning and playing—allow you to be immersed in great music and learn Chinese while singing.

Singing: Come and answer the call for the 2022 “Sing & Learn Chinese”. We have chosen 40 Chinese songs, ranging from new Chinese traditional-styled music, classic songs, pop hits, campus ballads, to children's songs and poems. You are sure to find the one that clicks with you!

Learning: Come to the “Chinese + Music” cloud class to listen to the stories behind the music, explore the culture in the lyrics, and interact with high-profile Chinese language tutors and music tutors over the cloud.

Playing: Come and join the fun music game "Listen to the Song and Complete the Lyrics". Wherever you are, you may enjoy Chinese songs while completing the lyrics.

We look forward to meeting you on the 2022 “Sing & Learn Chinese” program!

Program Overview for the 2022 “Sing & Learn Chinese”

Who can join?

The Program is open to all schools, colleges, universities, Chinese language education institutions, arts and culture organizations, Chinese learners, and singers worldwide.

What song can I sing?

You could choose from the official song bank provided by the organizers. Songs not on the list are not considered.

You may listen to and choose song by visiting the webpage of the event. If you have entered the program, you may download the accompaniment and score. The availability of your choice depends on how popular the song is among Program participants—the earlier YOU make a choice, the more likely YOU will grab the chance to sing it.

What are the requirements for the music videos?

a. The video, demonstrating your competency in Chinese and singing as well as creativity in video making, should contain the performance of one complete Chinese song.

b. The performance must be presented by at least two singers, such as a duet, chorus, etc. The singers should be under 35 years old, non-Chinese nationality and non-native speakers of Chinese.

c. Feel free to use your mobile phone or other professional equipment for shooting the music video in landscape orientation. If you use a mobile phone, we recommend shooting with auxiliary equipment such as a tripod or stabilizer to ensure the video's quality.

d. The video should be in 1920×1080 (resolution), and in *.MP4 or *.MOV format.

e. Please avoid images containing flags, maps, and trademarks, and stay away from controversial or inappropriate content. Elements that go against public order and morals should also be avoided.

f. Simplified Chinese subtitles should be added to the video submitted. The title sequence of the video shall contain such information as the name of the song, name(s) of songwriter(s), name(s) of original singer(s), and names of entrants (nationality/nationalities). The upper right corner of the video shall be left blank.

g. The submitted works should not be published before the official showcasing. Entrants are allowed to publish their works on their institutional/personal social media accounts only after the official showcasing.

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