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Advanced Food Intolerance Labs At-home food sensitivity test is helping people take the guesswork out of their diet.

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Advanced Food Intolerance Labs’ home-to-lab tests help people uncover their food sensitivities with just 10 strands of hair.

Digestive issues are common for a lot of people. Unknown to many, bloating, inflammation, acne, fatigue, and other gastrointestinal issues could point toward an allergy or food sensitivity. At least 26 million Americans suffer from a food allergy, with over 65 million suffering from food intolerance. Usually, the only option they have is an elimination diet, where they avoid foods and slowly reintroduce them to track their effects.

While this method has worked, it is a painfully slow process and not consistently accurate. Most people can’t tell the difference between food allergies and intolerances, which makes it crucial for people to correctly identify both. Advanced Food Intolerance Labs introduces an at-home test that helps people correctly identify their food intolerances to help take the guesswork out of diets. Allergies and intolerances can greatly vary in results, and it’s important to be mindful of both. Allergy tests can be purchased from a local doctor’s office or pharmacy.

Creating an optimal diet is increasingly complex, and it doesn’t just affect physical health but also the overall well-being of an individual. Considering the stresses of every day, food intolerances can leave people with stomach pains, weight gain, eczema, and a slew of other issues that cause imbalances that lead to poor health. With the Advanced Food Intolerance Labs’ food sensitivity test, people can improve their health outcomes through food.

The home-to-lab test offers an incredible level of accuracy of up to 95%, putting people in charge of their health. Advanced Food Intolerance Labs provides three main tests that check for food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and microbiome imbalances. The Food Sensitivity test features over 350 items to make people more aware of foods and drinks that cause inflammation and digestive issues. The Food Sensitivity and Vitamins test checks for more than 750 items to help people identify toxins in the body and nutrients needed for an ideal diet plan, such as Vitamin D, B12, and B-Complex. Lastly, the Food Sensitivity, Vitamins, and Gut Health test offers a 360-degree body scan with more than 1000 items, such as the microbiome, enzymes, and bacteria, to give insight into the individual’s cellular health story.

The Advanced Food Intolerance Labs test is easy to use and affordable. The test only requires 10 strands of hair, offering a non-invasive test experience. The home-to-lab test service uses cellular biotechnology originating from Germany to analyze cellular patterns in the body via the hair sample cells and detect intolerances, imbalances, and deficiencies. One of the distinguishing features of the Advanced Food Intolerance Labs test is the easy-to-understand results. The test uses a color-coded system to make it extremely easy for people to navigate their results. “We have dedicated our entire careers to building and creating dietary and wellness tests and services, which deliver personalized information to you and your body’s needs to help you achieve new and undiscovered levels of holistic health.”

In most Advanced Food Intolerance Labs reviews, users have described the test as a much-needed solution to identify the right diet. The test offers peace of mind and results in 72 hours, with a comprehensive outline of the outcomes. Advanced Food Intolerance Labs’ food sensitivity tests can be purchased directly from the company website.

For more information on the at-home test, visit Advanced Food Intolerance Labs or follow the company on social media.

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