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The same as Luosifen, Why is Chinese CHOUBAO River Snail Rice Noodles so popular?

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Recently a Chinese stinky spicy rice noodles is very popular and gains a lot of fans for its durian-like smell and fresh taste. It is loved by the fans and has an interesting brand name called CHOUBAO.

In the Chinese context, "CHOUBAO" is an affectionate term for relatives, lovers and friends, which means that the extreme stink turns into fragrance, just like love-hate Luosifen that always makes you want more. You can often see Luosifen on Chinese social media platforms. The double pickled bamboo shoots in CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles have been greatly appreciated by diners. This local snack, which was only available in Liuzhou, China a decade ago, has now become a household name in China as an instant delicacy thanks to the efforts of a number of brands, including CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles.

According to reports in China, the sales revenue of prepackaged Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodles like CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles reached a total of 18.2 billion yuan in 2022, with exports of 83 million yuan and a 61% year-on-year increase in export value. It is also observed that discussions related to Luosifen on TikTok is increasing, which shows that not only Chinese people love it but also many food lovers from other countries. CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles has also released a number of creative videos on TikTok to expand awareness about this Chinese food.

The fact that CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles has gained such favorite is due to its dedication of the Lousifen industry chain and food safety management. Some Chinese media reported that in order to achieve raw material control from the source, CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles has cooperated with the local partners in Liuzhou, China, to build a rice snail breeding base and a bamboo shoot planting base, and to add investment in factories for raw materials needed for river snail rice noodles ingredients such as Yuba and pickled vegetables. In addition, CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles has also cooperated with Jiangnan University, one of the leading Chinese food institutions, co-established the Liuzhou Lousifen Process Innovation and Research Center to study the production and fermentation of pickled bamboo shoots to promote industry innovation while inheriting traditional skills.

Besides putting a lot of effort into quality and food safety management, CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles also has a strong ability to innovate products and build brands. And it has innovatively launched product concepts such as "double pickled bamboo shoots" and "Rich Material", which are based on consumer demand and have been well received upon launch.

Last June, CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles received international standards of delicious evaluation and harvest highly recognized. According to the report, two flavors of CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles were awarded 2 stars and 1 star respectively in the Superior Taste Award 2022 list announced by the International Taste Institute. The International Taste Medal is known as the "Oscars" in the food industry. And as the first Chinese Lousifen brand to receive the 2-star Taste Award means that CHOUBAO river snail rice noodles will go to the world as a "Chinese business card".

As Lousifen becomes more and more popular around the world, Lousifen brands like CHOUBAO are also speeding up to build a global supply chain to meet the public demand, bringing it on dining-tables around the world.

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