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Linyi: Explore the Ancient Path of the Shu River and Appreciate the “Northern Li River”

The Shu River originates from the southern foothills of the Yi Mountains, and its waters flow through multiple regions in Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. Linyi County is the only city named after its proximity to the Shu River. For thousands of years, the waters of the Shu River have flowed incessantly, and the ancestors of Linyi have cultivated and thrived along its banks. As the mother river of Linyi, the Shu River is not only a beautiful scenic and ecological river but also a deep historical and cultural heritage.

Among them, the ancient path of the Shu River, with a history of thousands of years, is located in the southwest of Linyi County. The tourism resources on both sides of the river are abundant and diverse, with numerous historical and cultural relics and scenic spots. These include the ancient battlefield site of the Yangshan-Maling Battle, the Qiaomai Ravine Dawenkou cultural site, the Daimian Danxia landform, the Jishan dinosaur footprint, and the Changlin Diamond Discovery site. The scenic spots on both sides of the river complement the beautiful scenery of the ancient path, offering high tourism and scientific research value.

Summer on the Shu River

The water of the Shu River on the ancient path may not have the majestic waves of a big river, and the mountains may not be as magnificent and steep as the famous peaks, but after millions of years of sedimentation, it has become gentle and delicate, like a pure and lovely girl, with its own unique charm. The undulating hills across the river also leave behind a lot of historical charm, making it an appealing destination.

The Charm of the Shu River

Boating on the river and looking into the distance, the river appears as a curved jade belt, cutting through the nearby hills. The water and the sky reflect each other, and the mountains and the water complement each other. Along the river, there are lush trees, picturesque scenery, winding waterways, and clusters of reeds. There is a wide variety of wildlife, with egrets taking flight from the vast reed beds and wild ducks leisurely swimming on the water’s surface. It resembles an exquisite painting of the water towns of Jiangnan, making it one of the few natural wetlands in China and the most ecologically pristine water tourism area in Linyi City. It has been acclaimed by authoritative experts as the “Northern Li River” of China. No wonder there is an ancient poem that says, “The Shu River is half as beautiful as the Li River, and the Li River is less enchanting than the Shu River. Boundless smoke, willows, and the blue sky, spring is in Langya and Linyi in the east.” (Linyi County Integrated Media Center)

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