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AyeBuy's Newly Launched Buyer-Centric Marketplace Empowers Consumers in the Face of Inflation, Ushering in a New Era of Shopping

The buyer is now in control.

AyeBuy, a newly launched revolutionary online marketplace, is flipping the script on traditional shopping as inflation continues to squeeze consumers into a corner. Utilizing a buyer-centric shopping approach, the rapidly growing platform empowers buyers to fight back against rising prices by allowing them to create and post ads for items they want with their preferred prices to a global audience and receive offers from sellers. This approach is not only winning consumers over but also ushering in a new era of shopping where shoppers have the upper hand.

The traditional retail model gives buyers no choice when it comes to prices, significantly affecting their buying power. According to Ethan Carter, VP of Growth at AyeBuy, the current retail landscape is one of the reasons for inflation. The current setup allows sellers to set the price tags, constantly pushing buyers towards ever-increasing prices. Sellers then proceed to bombard buyers with irrelevant ads. But, as long as buyers buy, the prices continue to rise.

"The current retail landscape is quite unfavorable for consumers," says Ethan. "Buyers have no choice but to accept the price tags set by sellers. That's why with our platform, we're giving buyers the power, allowing them to determine the price tag. This way, we are shifting the advantage towards consumers."

AyeBuy puts customers in the driver's seat so that, rather than drive prices up, they set the bar. Instead of searching items to buy, buyers simply post ads for what they're looking for and, crucially, their preferred price, and sellers come to them. This approach sparks a bidding war amongst sellers, allowing the buyer to procure their desired product at the best offer. On the other hand, sellers can accept or counter the offer, creating a dynamic negotiation approach that ensures both parties get a fair deal. The platform also has no limitations on product categories. From food to real estate, women's and men's fashion, vehicles, luggage, bags, baby items, furniture, and electronics, AyeBuy boasts a wide range of products for its growing consumer base.

"Actually, this trade method is already being exercised by big corporations," added Ethan. "When they want to buy, they issue a 'reverse auction' and sellers go and bid for the best price. At AyeBuy, we aim to democratize this to the public by helping them improve their purchasing power."

However, AyeBuy does not just benefit consumers. The platform also caters to the needs of buyers. Sellers on AyeBuy gain access to a broader base of highly motivated buyers actively seeking specific products. The platform provides a much better trade environment by allowing sellers to choose the medium of sale since transactions are not done on AyeBuy platforms. Essentially, AyeBuy delivers a platform for sellers to discover willing buyers and guide them to their sites, thereby eliminating the hefty commissions charged by traditional e-commerce platforms. To engage buyers on AyeBuy, sellers simply need to purchase the platform's range of cost-effective packages.

Beyond fostering a community of informed shoppers who can collectively influence market forces, AyeBuy employs a multi-layered approach to establish a safe trade environment for buyers and sellers. All buyer ads are reviewed before being made public to ensure the legitimacy of the listings. The platform requires sellers and buyers to confirm their phone numbers to further verify user identities. Users' personal information is kept confidential unless the buyer and seller agree to share them. In cases where the buyer or seller needs more authentication during transactions, AyeBuy facilitates video calls that must be consented to by both parties. However, buyers and sellers have the option of not sharing their personal information and just using the platform's chat feature.

"We understand that trust is crucial for successful shopping experiences and therefore go the extra mile to ensure that our platform is secure. We want to give buyers and sellers the confidence they need to thrive in our marketplace." - Ethan Carter, VP of Growth at AyeBuy.

Seller-centric marketplaces have dictated shopping experiences since the first wave of the Internet, but in this modern era, shopping, like everything else, is being democratized. AyeBuy comes at a crucial time for buyers worldwide, many of whom are feeling the pinch of inflation. Its buyer-centric shopping approach offers a much-needed solution, empowering shoppers to get the best possible value for their money. Moreover, as the platform’s user base grows, AyeBuy continues to foster a community-driven marketplace that is favorable for sellers to connect directly with buyers.

AyeBuy is currently available in 10 languages. Download the app for Android and iOS or visit their website to discover a new world in shopping.

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