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The Team at Wants To Equalize The Global Economy By Making Volatility In The Foreign Currency Exchange Market A Thing Of The Past: Creating A Borderless Economy For All

In the dynamic machine of global trade, one component jams the gears: foreign exchange (FX) management. A collection of strategies for mitigating the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, FX management falls within the purview of a few lumbering financial institutions with zero incentive to innovate. Traditionally, this antiquated system has boxed frontier markets out of the global economy. 

Until now. 

Enter Pangea, a revolutionary cloud-based FX hedging software platform powered by artificial intelligence. Uniquely designed for the digital age, Pangea caters to global marketplaces, platforms, and financial infrastructure companies that form the backbone of the internet economy. Pangea addresses challenges unique to these new companies: the management of high-volume, high-frequency, and intricate cross-border transactions that are beyond the scope of human capabilities to effectively handle at scale. Originating from a team with prestigious backgrounds in Wall Street, BlackRock, and Stripe, Pangea stands firm in its mission to forge a global economy that is unified, equitable, and resilient—as directly stated by its creators.

Breaking Market Barriers 

It takes one to know one—and to do one better. Pangea’s team is proof. Matt Esteve, chief product officer, built FX management tools for CitiGroup and Stripe. “Most companies are beholden to the legacy technology embedded in banks that do FX management,” he says. “Pricing is opaque, access is difficult, and getting outside the G10 to growth markets becomes extremely difficult.”   

Robert Sentinella, Ph.D., saw similar barriers while working in risk management at BlackRock. “Pangea was an opportunity to take my understanding of best-in-class risk management principles and go down-market to empower smaller businesses,” he says. “That helps them grow, which creates jobs and generates wealth.” 

“The world wants a better payment solution,” adds Hunter Gassman, Pangea’s head of trading and a former analyst and trader for hedge funds on Wall Street. “Let's equalize the field and help corporations manage their risk. That should lead to a more stable economy.” 

But how does one recreate a complex, exclusively managed component of the global economy? AI, of course. 

That solution presented itself to Pangea’s founder and CEO, Aeron Sullivan. While leading a startup with international donors and contractors, he encountered FX challenges constantly, but the market presented no obvious solution to a startup at their size. “That led the journey to discovery,” he says. “We think that the fundamental underpinnings of international trade can be closed by digital connectivity.”

Unlike the legacy tools of yesteryear, Pangea is sleekly designed and embeddable via API, able to monitor and assess the FX market in the background. By locking in the future value of bills and salaries in different currencies, or repatriating revenue made in another country, Pangea allows a company doing business overseas to conduct worry-free cross-border business. Within this new paradigm, FX management goes from cumbersome to invisible, thereby reducing volatility in the foreign exchange market. 

The potentially seismic impacts of Pangea—which will roll out its API this summer—have its founders fired up. “If you want opportunities to flourish around the world, you must have countries where investment can lead to job creation, value creation, and middle classing,” says Sullivan. “We think the free-market economy is best suited to solve that problem, and that’s ultimately what we're trying to do.”

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