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CherryNL Becomes The First Vietnamese Artist To Release Pop Music In the GOGO Genre

Cherry Nguyen Lam, also known as CherryNL, has experienced a meteoric rise from a small-town church pianist to a budding music sensation, bringing fresh and vibrant energy to the music scene. Following the rousing success of her first song, 'We Get the Party Started Feat. B.A.,' which garnered over 30,000 streams in four months, she is back with a follow-up GoGo track featuring Sugar Bear, a legend in the GoGo genre.

Q: Can you tell us about the evolution from your debut single to your latest track, "I Need to Know Sugar Bear"?

CherryNL:  Absolutely! After "We Get the Party Started" unexpectedly took off, I was thrilled to dive into something new. "I Need to Know" is a special blend of GoGo and Pop, with touches of R&B. It's an exciting new direction for me, especially collaborating with the legendary Sugar Bear from the group E.U. The song is a fusion, not purely GoGo, but a mix that brings together the best of different worlds.

Q: What inspired the fusion of GoGo and Pop in your new track?

CherryNL: GoGo, the official music of Washington D.C., has a compelling beat and energy that I now admire. My godfather, Eric Parker, was the one who introduced me to its unique rhythm, enriched with DrumLine influences, and I was immediately enchanted. The song evolved into a vibrant mix of GoGo, Pop, and R&B, all while incorporating a Vietnamese chorus to honor my heritage. In fact, my godbrother, Eric Parker II, currently delving into neuroscience at Carnegie Mellon University, played a pivotal role alongside my godfather in blending the GoGo and R&B genres to create this distinctive sound. It's about creating something universal yet deeply personal.

Q: The involvement of Sugar Bear and your family seems quite significant. Could you elaborate on that?

CherryNL:  Collaborating with Sugar Bear was a privilege. As a GoGo icon, his contribution lends the track genuine authenticity. My godfather introduced me to this vibrant genre through YouTube videos and an array of songs by Chuck Brown and E.U., featuring Sugar Bear, leaving me captivated. The sound was entirely novel to me here in Vietnam, prompting me to request a comprehensive playlist because my curiosity was piqued—I yearned for more. My family, particularly my sister Daisy, has been a pillar of support. Their participation in editing and providing background vocals infuses the track with an additional layer of warmth and familiarity, enriching its overall appeal.

Q: With your innovative approach, how do you plan to connect with your audience globally?

CherryNL:  Technology will play a huge role. I'm excited about the idea of interactive live shows where the audience can connect directly through their phones. It's about creating a shared experience, no matter where you are in the world.

Q: Where can those eager to follow your journey and updates find you?

CherryNL: You can stay connected with me through my official website,, and get a glimpse behind the scenes on my Instagram at

Cherry Nguyen Lam is not just creating music; she's crafting a story of passion, innovation, and cultural fusion. Her latest track, "I Need to Know Feat Sugar Bear," is a testament to her artistic exploration and desire to bring new sounds to her audience. As CherryNL continues to make her mark, one thing is clear: the world can expect more groundbreaking music that transcends boundaries and celebrates the joy of discovery.

Listen to "I Need to Know" FT. Sugar Bear by CherryNl at:

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