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Superior Grouting Services: Level Up With The Industry Leader in Concrete Foam Leveling, Soil Stabilization and Infrastructure Sealing

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Superior Grouting Services is a specialty grouting contractor with industry leading equipment and a team of seasoned professionals. They offer conventional and non-conventional grouting methods and specialize in providing customized solutions to challenging projects that require technical knowledge, experience, and skill.

For more than 35 years, Superior Grouting Services has been the number one choice by the municipal, state, and federal agencies, as well as the public and private sectors in Houston, Texas, and the entire Gulf Coast Region.

From concrete foam leveling, foam stabilization and infrastructure sealing in industrial, commercial or municipal projects, such as, dams, tunnels and transportation, Superior Grouting Services will provide you or your business with an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution for your project.

Don’t Replace – Raise!

Superior Grouting Services, Inc. use the PolyLift system which is a concrete foam leveling solution that costs significantly less than traditional methods of repair or the full replacement of the current concrete.

The high-density concrete raising foam utilized by the PolyLift system is an effective solution to fill voids, densify the soil below the slab and is used to lift and level concrete, while also causing little to no disruption to normal workflow, has a fast cure time and a high compressive strength.

There are several key areas that benefit from Superior Grouting Services PolyLift solution in concrete lifting, leveling and stabilizing applications, such as:

  • Roadways and Pavement
  • Slabs
  • Foundations
  • Structures
  • Runways and Taxiways
  • Bulkhead Repair
  • Bridge Approach and Departure Slabs

This non-evasive procedure ranks above all other techniques in terms of safety, accuracy, predictability and noise, while also preserving the concretes aesthetics and is environmentally friendly.

Grouting Specialists

Dedicated to maintaining the industry’s highest standards and exceeding their clients expectations, Superior Grouting Services in Houston, TX also offer a range of grouting services by their team of trained professionals.

Pressure Grouting

This type of grouting is used mostly by the commercial and industrial sectors to fill voids under slab structures, as a backfill for ground modification projects, as a filler for the abandonment of underground pipes and when securing the annular spaces within underground utility structures.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is a cost effective, versatile process that is utilized in settlement problems and is used to lift and stabilize heavy structures on a weak soil zone. This process is completed by placing two-inch pressure injection grouting pipes at the required depth and then by injecting a low mobility grout to densify the soil, thereby increasing the loadbearing capacity.

Pipeline and Utility Line Grouting

This type of project will use the pressure grouting method to fill the voids beneath structures, abandon lines and grout annular or annulus spaces. Superior Grouting Services use a specially formulated cement-based mixture that is customized for the specific project, so that you can guarantee the best long-lasting solution.

Other Grouting Services

Superior Grouting Services also provide cellular grouting, slurry grouting, polyurethane, and chemical grouting for concrete raising on all different types of concrete structures.

They endeavour to combine their wealth of experience, reliability, and integrity, along with their expert services, to provide you with the best geotechnical solutions.

More information

To find out more about Superior Grouting Services and how they can assist you or your business with their industry expertise in grouting procedures, concrete foam leveling, foam stabilization and infrastructure sealing, then please visit their website at


About Superior Grouting Services

We are a specialty grouting contractor with capabilities including cellular grouting, slurry grouting, compaction grouting, chemical grouting as well as polyurethane grouting for concrete raising of all types of concrete structures.

Contact Superior Grouting Services

8927 Meadow Vista Blvd
Texas 77064
United States

(281) 937-8141


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