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NFT Project Crazy Mars Squirrel: Lead Humanity to a New Digital Era

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At 20:00 EST on November 9, 2022, OpenSea launched an NFT project called "Crazy Mars Squirrel", with only 100 pieces for the first launch and a floor price of 2ETH. As soon as the news came out, it was favored by the market and snapped up. The holders of the 100 “Ares (God of War)” characters will acquire standing as the earliest "shareholders" of Crazy Mars Squirrel and will enjoy the benefits brought by project growth.

Only 2 hours after its launch, the Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs were sold out and ranked top 1 in popularity on OpenSea. Crazy Mars Squirrel has risen to 8.56ETH at the time of writing, a significant increase from the floor price. The outstanding achievements have attracted great attention in the industry. In the winter of “Crypto Lehman”, Crazy Mars Squirrel has marched against the trend and lighted a fire.


Crazy Mars Squirrel is an NFT project themed on avatars of Mars Squirrels, who are space agents that protect and guide humankind. Adhering to the connotation of Web3 and altruistic thinking, Crazy Mars Squirrels guide humans to digital civilization. In addition, the project grants people access to share dividends of new digital business, based on which a Crazy Mars Squirrel community is built, and makes all members the first Mars immigrants of both spiritual and material wealth.

The Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs are based on feature cultural value and a vibrant ecosystem. Not only as a Pass card to share dividends of the new digital era, but the NFTs are also providing a platform to improve members' consensus with close connections, as well as a bridge leading people from the industrial world to digital civilization.

Standing at the crossing connecting the industrial world and the digital world, an intersection of old and new civilizations, Crazy Mars Squirrel has ushered in its blockbuster launch after years of refinement. Its final arrival means that the door is open to digital civilization.

In the story, SuperM, the would-be savior of mankind, was unaware of his great responsibility at the very first. Instead, he has been successful in business as a tech CEO. Until the emergence of the mechanized squirrels with high-dimensional intelligence and cosmic energy woke up SuperM to his mission hidden in his subconscious, and lead humanity into the digital civilization.

As an epitome of high-tech mechanical civilization, Crazy Mars Squirrel stands at the intersection of art, technology, and culture. The precious universal values and cultural symbols it conveyed to improve human living conditions, enhance Metaverse skills, and guide the advancement of digital civilizations are stemming from the human instinct to complete the transition of civilizations.

Products can be duplicated, but culture cannot. The culture connotated by Crazy Mars Squirrel is not a creation by the founding team but resulted from the consensus of the Times. With a close connection with the call of the times, it is still thriving. With the help of NFT art, Crazy Mars Squirrel creates endogenous cultural symbols associated with human development and gathers people with consensus who constantly promote cognitive gains, infuse values into the project, and together build the Crazy Mars Squirrel digital civilization.

Purchase of a Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT is not only the acquisition of rare works of art that prove your nobility but also signifies your joining as a Genesis member with membership rights and sustainable profits derived from the Crazy Mars Squirrel project.

Furthermore, the rise of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT will empower the spiritual culture. Though the growth of NFT market is slowing down, NFT projects with special cultural connotations, like Crazy Mars Squirrel, will always be favored. The future is full of imagination, as the immortal lines of William Shakespeare in Hamlet say, "We know what we are, but know not what we may be." Now, join hands with Crazy Mars Squirrel on the journey to a new era of digital civilization.

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