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UrbanLogiq’s New Generative-AI Chatbot Will Transform the Public Sector

Governments across the globe are increasingly adopting AI in an effort to streamline operations and improve services. But, with limitless access to the public’s sensitive information, government agencies must be held to a higher standard for data security and compliance to ensure information stays private. Recognizing a critical need for enhanced security, UrbanLogiq has launched Ethica, a government-grade generative AI chatbot. Unlike other chatbots like ChatGPT and Gemini, Ethica sets itself apart with a focus on government needs and full access to private government data. It also offers robust data security, transparent operations with source attribution, and customizable user access, making it a secure and user-friendly AI tool for public agencies. As UrbanLogiq leads the way in AI solutions for the public sector with its software platform, companies like Good Gamer Entertainment (TSXV:GOOD) (OTC:GGAMF), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG), Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) are leveraging AI to transform various industries. 

UrbanLogiq’s AI chatbot is crafted with domain-specific models that have unique access to government databases to offer clear explanations and answers in plain language. Ethica’s versatility and AI-driven insights promise a wide-ranging impact on government services, making operations more responsive, informed, and citizen-centric.

Ethica functions as a turbocharged search engine specifically for government data, greatly enhancing its utility for significant endeavors. Consider a scenario where a real estate developer is embarking on a new construction project. Traditionally, securing all necessary permits and licenses from the government could stretch over years before groundbreaking. Governments need to strategize around electricity, internet connectivity, traffic management, plumbing, and more. However, Ethica streamlines this process, enabling immediate resolution of numerous issues simply through direct queries. It acts as an intelligent assistant proficient in navigating government data, assisting in making well-informed decisions for projects ranging from new buildings to enhancing urban transportation.

Ethica taps into the extensive archives of government records, dating back to the inception of their documentation, distinguishing its data collection method from the web-scouring techniques employed by ChatGPT and Google. This strategy not only minimizes errors but also adheres to copyright regulations, safeguards private information, and aligns seamlessly with governmental operations.  Ethica is also open about where its information comes from, showing sources and how sure it is about its answers. It keeps a permanent record of all activities, ensuring everything is transparent. Additionally, it adjusts its answers based on who’s asking, providing a high level of data security and control that you don’t see in typical chatbots.

Currently in beta testing, Ethica is poised for a full rollout in 2024, marking UrbanLogiq’s commitment to enhancing government operations with AI.

Ethica joins UrbanLogiq’s unified data platform, which is already being utilized by city and state governments in Canada and the US including New York, Minnesota, San José, Seattle, and Ottawa. 

UrbanLogiq’s platform leverages advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI to tackle a wide array of urban challenges—from traffic congestion and infrastructure development to environmental monitoring and public safety improvements. By synthesizing data into actionable intelligence, it empowers governments to plan more efficiently, allocate resources more effectively, and engage with citizens in a more responsive manner.

The integration of Ethica into UrbanLogiq’s unified data platform signifies a leap towards more accessible, transparent, and interactive government operations, promising a future where technology-driven governance fosters safer, smarter, and more sustainable communities.

Tech Stocks Continue to Bolster AI Offerings

Forward-thinking tech company Good Gamer Entertainment (TSXV:GOOD) (OTC:GGAMF) just signed a pivotal agreement with UrbanLogiq to acquire an exclusive license for the UrbanLogiq Risk Management Platform. 

UrbanLogiq’s risk assessment platform could provide critical advantages across several key sectors, including insurance, fire and police services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and real estate. By harnessing its sophisticated data aggregation and analysis capabilities, these industries can significantly improve their strategies for mitigating fire, crime, and disaster risks. For example, insurance companies could benefit from enhanced risk evaluation and tailored policy offerings, while fire and police departments would gain invaluable support in public safety planning and response. Acquiring an exclusive software license for the UrbanLogiq Risk Management Platform, not only enhances Good Gamer Entertainment’s technological capabilities, it extends the company’s market reach.

Good Gamer Entertainment (TSXV:GOOD) (OTC:GGAMF) also just announced a non-brokered private placement of up to 10 million pre-consolidated shares at a price of C$0.10 for gross proceeds of C$1 million. The company plans to consolidate its issued and outstanding common shares at a ratio of two pre-consolidated shares to one post-consolidation share to streamline its capital structure, generate greater investor interest and potentially boost shareholder value. 

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) just unveiled Einstein 1 Studio, revolutionizing how businesses leverage AI within their operations. This suite of low-code tools allows for the customization of Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s AI assistant, making it possible to integrate AI into every aspect of customer and employee interactions across applications. With features like Copilot Builder, Prompt Builder, and Model Builder, businesses can now craft bespoke AI actions, prompts, and models tailored to their unique needs, enhancing the AI experiences delivered through the Einstein 1 Platform. This launch addresses a pressing need for intuitive, model-specific AI interactions grounded in trusted data, as highlighted by the 90% of IT professionals adjusting to generative AI’s impact on technology adoption. 

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is launching a Copilot chatbot for people working in finance. Building on its existing Copilot technology in Office applications and specialized versions for sales and customer service, this finance-focused Copilot streamlines tasks such as variance analysis, data reconciliation in Excel, and enhancing the collections process in Outlook. 

Just two months after announcing the launch of Gemini, its largest and most capable AI model, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) introduced the upgraded Gemini 1.5. Google is doubling down on Gemini’s potential as both a commercial and personal tool, pushing forward with its integration across services. Gemini 1.5 brings significant enhancements, including its general-purpose model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, matching the performance of the recently introduced high-tier Gemini Ultra and outperforming Gemini 1.0 Pro in 87% of benchmark tests. This version employs a “Mixture of Experts” (MoE) technique, optimizing efficiency by activating only relevant parts of the model for each query, rather than the entire model constantly.

Leading semiconductor stock Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) has unveiled Chat with RTX, a unique tool that lets individuals create their own custom chatbot experiences directly on their local Windows PC or workstation, bypassing the need for cloud-based platforms and thus enhancing data privacy and user control. This innovative app enables users to personalize a large language model using various types of data, such as documents, notes, and YouTube video transcripts, allowing for the creation of a chatbot that reflects their specific needs and knowledge. With the integration of advanced technologies like Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), TensorRT-LLM, and RTX acceleration, Chat with RTX can quickly and accurately process queries, ensuring that responses are both relevant and richly informed by the user’s personalized dataset.

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